Keeping Your Child’s Bedroom Comfortable

Whether you’ve just had a baby or your toddler is growing up quickly before your eyes, you’ll want to know all you can when it comes to making sure your little ones are in a safe environment. Here are a few practical tips for keeping your baby or toddler’s room at just the right temperature. Infant Sleeping Conditions A number …

Overalls how to wear this summer

Overalls for summer

Overalls represents a comfortable and relaxed alternative for a cocktail dress, but can be worn to a party at the pool. In the evening at an event, instead of a long dresses, opt for a well tailored jumpsuit in elegant shades of black or electric blue. At the pool or sea, opt for a short jumpsuit with daring cuts. You can accessorize …

Vegan Leather Hooded Motorcycle Jacket

Leather trending guide

Staying up-to-date on leather and suede fashion trends takes effort and creativity. When popular items come in expensive materials the challenge becomes even greater. Is there a happy medium between what you might already own, and acquiring future purchases? You’ll want to stay on top of this season’s trends, but you also don’t want to buy an expensive item that …

ABS by Allen Schwartz Dress - Cap Sleeve Metallic Skirt

Metallic skirt outfits with charm

Metallic skirt pieces are in top this year. Metallic skirt is more versatile. It can be successfully matching outfits for any occasion. You can build an office outfit, a punk-chic casual outfit or an elegant and youthful. Whatever you choose to wear, you should know that metallic skirt will not lose its charm.

5 perfect colors for dark hair

5 perfect colors for dark hair

How can you show off your dark hair color? Follow the tips and you’ll look absolutely sensational. Obviously, your skin tone plays a very important role when choosing the color of the clothes, but by focusing on colors compatible with your hair shade is an ideal way to start looking perfect dress. It comes down to a concept as simple …

Beauty Concept Key for Health, Well-Being

Beauty Concept Key

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No one can, with certainty, say one thing is beautiful and another is not because it is something of an opinion. What is beautiful to one person is not necessarily beautiful to another. But everyone has a beauty concept in mind and society or culture has one, too. It’s good to know …

Find Your True Self Through The Physiognomy of Curly Hair

Find Your True Self Through The Physiognomy of Curly Hair

Very few things have stayed on the list of “Most Intriguing and Mysterious Things” throughout history as long as divination. Though most people associate the term divination with fortune telling, it can also be associated with the ability to pinpoint character traits accurately based on particular details of a persons’ unique face. Physiognomy is one of the hottest new divination …

5 Ways to Grow Healthy Nails

Grow Really Long Fingernails

Face it, ladies. We all want really long fingernails that are strong and long with lots of luster and sheen. Unfortunately, life gets in the way. Daily tasks transform our really long fingernails into short nails, by making them brittle, cracked, and dry. Fortunately, though, these inexpensive, easy-to-implement tips will allow your fingernails to obtain that healthy look you have long desired. …

Dry Hands

Dry Hands Thirst for Attention

If you have ever experienced the irritation and discomfort of dry hands or skin, you understand how frustrating and unpleasant the ailment can be. Dry hands can have many causes but while some can be avoided, others cannot. Treatment for dry hands and skin can differ depending on the root cause. I have compiled a list of causes for dry …

Chanel tweed blazer

All About Tweed Material and How to Add Tweed blazer and Other Pieces to Your Wardrobe

Tweed material isn’t just a conservative fabric used for modest fall and winter fashions anymore. There are lots of chic ways you can include tweed material in your wardrobe to make you winter-ready for anything from a day at the office to a social event. Here are some tweed material tips you can start incorporating into your wardrobe right away. Blazer A tweed …