10 Jewelry Tips For Aspiring Collectors And Aficionados

10 Jewelry Tips For Aspiring Collectors And Aficionados


I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance; you can only admire it. –Elizabeth Taylor

Most women love jewelry, but for some, their love goes beyond appreciation and enters the realm of admiring. This is when you become a collector or an aficionado rather than the casual shopper or wearer. For men, this obviously creates a few more headaches when shopping for their better halves, as now any simple piece won’t due to, there is much more expected.

But it can also create extra problems for women who are just starting to realize their love of jewels. Just as anything else, there is a lot to take into consideration when buying new pieces, looking through older ones, and when figuring out how to properly store jewelry you want to preserve. It is for these reasons that this list of 10 jewelry tips for collectors and aficionados was made.

Its purpose is to help all your avid admirers out there, and hopefully, it will do just that. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.10 Jewelry Tips For Aspiring Collectors And Aficionados

Store Your Jewelry in Air Tight Containers

If you have jewelry that is made up of or has sterling silver, it is best to store it in air tight containers when you are not wearing it. The reason being that oxygen is what tarnishes silver, and unless you want to clean or polish your pieces frequently, you would be better off storing it properly. This will keep the shimmer and beauty present while preserving the piece for years to come. Tupperware works well, but plastic bags can do the job just as well. There are even jewelry boxes that are made to be air tight for precisely this purpose.

Take Family Jewelry

Fashion, just as many other things, is cyclical. Fads come and go, and eventually, they find their way back into current trends. Much of the jewelry that your grandmother or mother has been probably well made and of quality. Not to mention that if it isn’t in style just yet, there is a good chance it will be again soon. Ask your family for jewelry that they don’t wear or are willing to give up. It’s hard to ask anyone for anything after they’ve passed, but if there are pieces you would love for yourself, or your children, let that be known. Most people would appreciate that their articles are desired by other family members, in the end, it is flattering.

Purchase What Catches Your Eye

It’s an odd thing, where most people ignore their gut instincts. If something catches your eye, and you find pleasure in viewing it, chances are others will as well. Don’t overthink it too much, listen to your instincts and there is little doubt you will have made the wrong decision. Not to mention, when you wear pieces that are unique, and you love them for that, you will have an air about you that states that as well. How you wear jewelry presents the jewelry just as it presents you. It’s a respectful relationship and one that starts with choosing the right pieces that you would want to wear.

Don’t Be Gaudy

It has never been acceptable to be gaudy, and should be avoided at all costs. To ensure this, avoid wearing colors that are bright and attention grabbing. Try choosing colors that are neutral, grays, whites, blacks, browns and the like will do well to give you the greatest versatility for your overall wardrobe and style.

Try Jewelry On You Normally Wouldn’t Purchase

You never know what you should like or not without first trying it on and seeing how it looks on you. You could see something and think it looks terrible… on another person. Perhaps they simply couldn’t pull it off, but that does not mean you can’t. Many pieces of jewelry are made having a particular person in mind, meaning their look, characteristics, and personality. Even the most beautiful piece of jewelry may not look the best on the most beautiful person.

Wear Statement Jewelry

Jewelry is supposed to compliment the person just as much as the person compliments the jewelry. So first determine exactly what you want the statement to be for wearing an individual piece, and allow that statement to be made loud and clear. You can accomplish this by not drowning out the piece by wearing loads of other articles that will distract the eye and attention the statement piece deserves.

Listen To Others

If you have continually been complimented on a particular piece of jewelry, look for the attention that it garners. Most people won’t just pay respects to be nice, rather, they will say they like something about you that they enjoy. You wear jewelry to enhance your look and image, and that is only enhancing to the perspective of others. So listen to what they say, good or bad, and make adjustments accordingly. If a particular necklace is often complimented when wearing certain clothes, that means the look you’ve created is good and worth replicating. Trial and error along with a little scientific method should help you to determine exactly what enhances your look perfectly.

Most Timepieces Are Outdated

As far as a jewelry statement, leave wearing watches up to men. There are such a wide plethora of bracelets that are worth showing off that wearing a watch seems to be a waste of time…. No pun intended. If you need to know the time, check your phone… we all know that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Don’t Just Look For New Pieces

Jewelry has been made for as long as man has fashioned things together. There are such great pieces that go unworn, unappreciated, and unused mainly because they are old. But vintage and antique pieces are extremely high quality, have tremendous character, and are unique. All of these attributes should tell the avid admirer that great jewelry doesn’t have to be new. Be sure not to limit yourself by checking old pieces off.

Don’t Overdo It

Nowadays, less is more. Don’t wear layers upon layers of jewelry, choose more wisely and wear specific pieces with specific purposes in mind. That purpose should be to highlight and portray certain parts of your body. Rather than wearing pieces to hide certain areas, wear jewelry that draws attention away from what you don’t want to be noticed ad towards what you do want to be seen. Hiding something is effective, but never allowing the eye to wander in that direction is the best way for something not to be seen.