3 Myths about relationships, marriage and love

3 Myths about relationships, marriage and love


Myths about love are endless. It’s easy to believe in fairy tales with Prince Charming waiting around the corner, or along frog, which is Mr. Perfect disguise, but credit of these stories lies in Hollywood happy endings.

Love is a wonderful thing, but there are certain beliefs about it, that may hinder your more than to improve your life. We dissected three common myths, but outdated about love, and we have established, why should be out of circulation … Let’s see!

Finding Mr. Perfect will complete you.

There’s nothing wrong to want to find someone to inspire you to look and be the best version of you, but the idea that you need a man to “complete you” is simply silly. In the best case you should want your partner to be equal to you – someone who loves you for who you are and not a magic puzzle piece that will make everything to be arranged in your life. Love means many things, but not a cure for all problems to be solved in your life.

In fact, if you do not solve problems – whether personal, financial, emotional – will be hard to find a suitable partner. Before you start to ask the stars to sends Prince Charming to come rescue you, learn to be strong and happy on your own feet, without a man to support you all the time.

Myths about relationships, marriage and loveMarriage is everything.

Although marriage is very special and to find someone with whom you want to spend the rest of life is a fantastic feeling, it should not be the most important goal in your life. There is much pressure on women to have the engagement ring on the finger and wear white dress (the chick-lit any book, or watch any romantic comedy and you will understand what we mean), but marriage is not everything or the final dimension of life.

Your life should mean more than just hope that someday you’ll plan the wedding – can be a part of your plan, but not the sole purpose. Why? Because there are many important and wonderful things in life than to find your husband, such as meeting individual goals (to have the job that you’ve always wanted, to compete in a triathlon, to travel the world), to develop strong friendships, learn as much about you and love you in every stage of your life (whether or not with your boyfriend).

Being single sucks.

Sucks to be dumped, breakups are crazy, but it’s not wrong to be alone. There’s nothing wrong to fly alone and the more you are afraid to be alone, the more likely you will stay in a relationship that does not work or you will jump into a relationship with the wrong guy.

Instead, focus on all the things you can do when you’re not in a relationship. You can meet more often with friends, make new friends, to grow, to do things that are displeasing to ex-boyfriend and try new things. Being single is not all wrong – in fact, can be a wonderful period in which to learn more about yourself and become a better person.