Get White Teeth Fast in 3 Quick Ways

Get White Teeth Fast in 3 Quick Ways


Wondering what methods are available to obtain white teeth? There are a few options to have whiter teeth, but these methods mainly fall into three basic categories: professional, at home, and over the counter.

Professional Options for white teeth

Professional options for whiter teeth are methods performed in the dentist’s office. These range from laser whitening options to the older method of bleaching trays.

Laser teeth whitening is the most expensive of all options, but the results are usually more dramatic and long-lasting. Additionally, the time involved is much shorter than other whitening options.

The LaserSmile Teeth Whitening System is one type of laser whitening method, utilizing a particular laser. Under this procedure, the dentist will first apply a protective gel to the surrounding tissues and gums of the mouth, so they are not adversely affected by the high concentration of peroxide or the laser. Next, the teeth are covered with a hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching gel.The dentist then aims the laser at a few teeth at a time, moving around the mouth to access each tooth.

The actual treatment takes only about 25 minutes but expect to spend about an hour at the office for pre and post-treatment procedures. Depending on the level of discoloration of your teeth, multiple visits may be required.

3 Quick Ways To Get White Teeth Fast

The other in-office method of teeth whitening is Tray-based tooth bleaching. First, a mouth tray will be made for your mouth, to protect your gums from the bleaching agent. Once the mouth guard or tray is made, the dentist will fill the tray with a peroxide solution and place the tray over your teeth. Multiple treatments will be required before you will see whiter teeth. This method is usually less expensive than laser whitening, but will require more time to obtain whiter teeth.

At Home Method for white teeth

The at-home method for white teeth is similar to the efficient tray-based method, except you will perform the work at home. The dentist will make your mouth tray and provide you with a peroxide solution to apply yourself using the tray. The advantage of this method is that you can relax in your home while performing the whitening. The disadvantage is that you would be treated with a higher strength peroxide solution in the dentist’s office which will have greater results.

This method is much less costly than having the laser treatment discussed above, and a bit cheaper than an in-office tray-based method. However, the time to see results is longer, sometimes a few months. It will also need to be repeated over time.

Over the Counter Options for white teeth

The least expensive method how to get white teeth fast at home is an over the counter kit. These kits can be purchased online, at your local drugstore or most general purpose stores like Walmart or Target. These whitening kits usually include individually wrapped strips that are placed on your teeth for thirty minutes per session, once to twice a day, for seven to fourteen days at a time.

At home bleaching kits contain the trays that can be moulded easily so it can be customized to your teeth and the gels what you will need to whiten your teeth. Over the counter kits are generally less effective, except the high-quality brands which are close in effectiveness to dental whitening, than the methods mentioned above, as the percentage of peroxide used is much lower. However, these kits are much less expensive than efficient methods and very convenient.