4 tricks to rejuvenate with makeup

4 tricks to rejuvenate with makeup


All women go, unfortunately, in one day by this: they look in the mirror and realize that they have aged. Fortunately, there are some tricks that will help to put the age that you feel you have it.

Trick number one. With age, skin changes and dehydrated quite easily. A loose foundation is extremely useful in this case for unifying the skin and soften the minor imperfections. A new liquid or cream form fits better than powder because it dries the skin. A concealer applied under foundation, is ideal to hide some imperfections. Do not hesitate to mix moisturizer with foundation to achieve a more natural result.

Trick number two. Hydrate, cleanse and exfoliate the skin, but often forget the lips. You have to take care of them! Using a toothbrush, rub gently to remove dead skin. When makeup, apply lipstick first. Then draw the outline of lips with a pencil. You avoid too pronounced contrasts.

Trick number 3. Highlight the cheekbones with a blush coral or peach blush. Avoid shades of pink, which could accentuate certain facial imperfections. You will get a better result with a larger brush.

Trick number 4. Take care of brow line so heavy eyelids or eyes seem not to be dull. Well-plucked eyebrows and well cared for will highlight the eyes and the eyes will appear larger.