5 models of shoes that made history

5 models of shoes that made history


Fashion is cyclical, so the parts you admire today on podiums are often inspired by the trends that have ruled in previous years.

Whether we speak of new inspiration or classic “muse” of the early 20th century, details from timeless pieces that marked the history of fashion are found in most modern creations.

Because women have always paid particular attention to accessories, especially shoes, the most popular models over time have created a revolution in fashion, entering permanently in history.


Ballet dancers special shoes dropped from the famous scenes on the street catwalk as one of the most used types of shoes.

Although the model first appeared in the 16th century, worn by men, it attracted massive attention after the 50s, with the obsession of Audrey Hepburn and her outfits.

Worn with Capri pants, perfect for smart casual outfits, current slippers are a piece always present in of any age women wardrobe.

Red shoes

Breakaway from the film, red shoes always stir controversy.

The model that we remember most when we meet a pair of shoes in ruby color is Dorothy’s famous shoes from “The Wizard of Oz”.

In 1939, perform Judy Garland, the famous person in the film that created history in cinema as well as fashion.

Since then, they have remained favorites among designers of shoes.


One of the sexiest models of shoes is the classic “Stiletto”.

With high and thin heels, with sharp and elongated tip, stiletto shoes are favorites of women everywhere.

Existed since the 19th century, they were reborn in the ’60s, being promoted heavily by designers today.

Jewelry Shoes

From Cinderella to its contemporary version, Carrie Bradshaw, jewelry shoes has always fascinated women.

Precious details that ennoble the accessory, jewelry shoes turn into real works of art.

Whether it is a pair of shoes embedded with precious stones or just a distinct accent from pearls, jewelry shoe is a statement in fashion history.

Dancing shoes

Famous Argentine tango scenes and performances of dance, new dance shoes keep as defining elements straps around the ankle or T-shaped strap, hence the name of “T-bar” shoes.

Classic variants have a small and thick heel, to ensure stability and ease in movement, aided by the straps that hold the foot fixed.

But today designers offer more innovative models, with high heels and platforms.