Grow Really Long Fingernails

Grow Really Long Fingernails


Face it, ladies. We all want long fingernails that are strong and long with lots of luster and sheen. Unfortunately, life gets in the way. Daily tasks transform our long fingernails into short nails, by making them brittle, cracked, and dry. Fortunately, though, these inexpensive, easy-to-implement tips will allow your fingernails to obtain that healthy look you have long desired.

Proper protection for really long fingernails

If you want your nails to look pretty, you have to protect them from the elements: unwanted chemicals, dry temperatures, bad habits, and daily abuse. So, next time you are washing the dishes, wash your kitchen utensils and dinner plates with waterproof rubber gloves on. This way, you will keep both bacteria and the detergent chemicals away from your long fingernails.

To prevent the dreaded “dry nail,” consider donning a pair of gloves next time you step out in wintertime weather. Not only do nails grow better in warm environments (like wool-lined gloves), keeping your fingernails out of subzero temperatures will minimize the chance that they become brittle.

5 Ways to Grow Really Long Fingernails
5 Ways to Grow Long Fingernails

Do Not Be Afraid to Moisturize

Like most women, I cannot live without my hand lotion. Not an hour goes by that I am not moisturizing. What I did not realize, though, was that rubbing some lotion onto your nails has the same moisturizing effect as it does on skin. Next time you apply your favorite cream, make sure to rub some on the cuticles and nails, and you will see healthier looking cuticles in no time.

Take Vitamin Supplements for really long fingernails

One of the most effective ways to transform your short nails is to take vitamins. Biotin, for example, is a b-complex vitamin that will help grow your nails straighter, as well as quicker, too. Biotin – sometimes referred to as Vitamin H – is also beneficial for the eyes and skin, making it a can’t-miss mineral for better health. Other nutrients that have long fingernails growing properties are folic acid, zinc, calcium, Vitamin A, protein, and Vitamin C.

Vitamin E

If you, like me, appreciate a good gel manicure every once in a while, Vitamin E is a necessary nutrient for sustaining longer, healthier fingernails. Not only does the “E” vitamin repair nail damage, but it also moisturizes your cuticles, and minimizes nail breakage.

Nail Straighteners for really long fingernails

For the chemistry buffs, nail straighteners are a short way to both strengthen and straighten your nails. Made of a protein called keratin (the same substance our nails are made out of), nail straighteners bond our nail molecules, creating a more robust, polished nail edge.

Wash Regularly

Along with regular moisturizing, wash and massage your cuticles frequently. Doing so will ward off nail-eating bacteria, as well as increase blood flow to the nail, which promotes faster growth of the nail edge. If you want to get creative, consider applying a few drops of coconut oil to your cuticles, and then place them in a bowl of warm water to soak.

After allowing them to soak for a couple of minutes, remove your fingernails, dry them with a cotton cloth, and repeat the moisturizing process. Doing so will add an extra layer of super shiny sheen to your cuticles.

Cut The Bad Habits

How many of you out there chew your fingernails? How many of you out there peel your fingernails when you are nervous? Well, as simple as it sounds, cutting out these bad habits is necessary to let your nails grow long. As a former nail biter myself, I found the best way to kick the habit was to toss in a piece of sugar-free gum whenever I got the urge to nibble on my nails. And, instead of ripping off hangnails, carefully remove them with a pair of clippers.

Growing long fingernails  starts today

Growing long, shiny nails is harder than it sounds. After all, life – and its chemicals, cold temperatures, and finger-intensive tasks – get in the way. Fortunately, though, following these tips will enable you to grow long fingernails without having to break the bank.