Great Hairstyle With Amazing Vintage And Homemade Pieces

Great Hairstyle With Amazing Vintage And Homemade Pieces


A girl knows she cannot step out of the house looking perfect unless she is wearing her hair the right way, in sync with her clothes and shoes. And with very basic things on your desk, some old accessories lying around the house and your creativity, you can come up with something fabulous and ingenious. You may not always find hair accessories matching with your outfit. When you don’t, why not just fashion some yourself! It’s fun, it’s arty, and it’s extremely frugal. And here’s how you do it.

Flower Princess:

The easiest of it all is floral headpieces, just go out in the garden, and get fresh flowers and pin them to your hair. It’s the most refreshing look one can wear. You can also use old fake silk flowers, satin or plastic from decorative vases or your old dresses and belts; stick them to your hairs crunches to make an elegant hair tie. Flowers never go out of style.

Classic Elegant:

Whenever you think of throwing away some old fashioned earring or pendant or some brooch you think is too old to function, think again. You can do a million things with them. You can glue them to a bobby pin to mention the simplest case. If you have a broken necklace or bracelet, you have something to be happy about. Collect the beads and pearls in it. You can make them into beautiful thread headbands, spacing them the way you like. Another sophisticated way is to thread them into a wire, glue them, attach the wire to a satin strip and finally place it onto a velvet or plastic hairband.



Pair earrings dangle retro tinker bell fairy vintage brass gold by 81stgeneration

Pearls make sophisticated and classic headpieces. You can also use sea shells and conches. You can even make pretty little bows with decorative streamers. Also, synthetic feathers are a favourite. You can also make amazing hair comb clips using these pieces; just glue them to the rim of a plain back hair comb clip.Or may be some hair elastics, thereby adding high-fashion touch to a basic ponytail.

Glittering Showstopper:

You can get the larger-than-life look for a big disco night or for a grand occasion custom-made to match your dress at your home itself. Use the chunky embellished pieces for this one. Outline them with glitter if you want to add more sparkle.Another alternative is to paint small acrylic crafts (say stars, hearts, arrows or rings) in a metallic or neon colours. For formal occasions, make a hair bun and place these strategically on or along the bun to bring out the best. For a date or club night, you can clip a few pieces and let your hair down. You can use old neck chains, may attach some pieces aforementioned and show them off artfully, hang them along your tresses or loop them around your hair.



1928 Jewelry Ornate Magnifying Glass Necklace

These personalised hair accessories can be great gifts for your girlfriends as you add you a personal touch. However, the best part about making your pieces at home is that they reflect who you are; it becomes your unique personal style statement. And no one can do it better than you, right!