The most advanced formula that prevents sunburn and dehydration

The most advanced formula that prevents sunburn and dehydration

There are a few brands that return again and again when I buy sunscreen creams and Biotherm is one of them. The reason is simple: they have some of the most advanced formulas that prevent sunburn and dehydration.

Biotherm Laboratories were a notorious for constantly improving their formulas because they manage to launch really beneficial for skin cosmetics, because they use quality ingredients and, not least because of their experience in formulating protective creams is overwhelming.

A wide range of textures, from SPF from 6 to 50, give ideal protection in two stages: at the cellular level with a powerful new ingredient aquatic, namely Astaxanthin (an anti – oxidant 100 times more efficient than vitamin E) and locally using an innovative and patented Biotherm filter. This new technology optimizes the amount of filters needed to offer a range of safety and a beautiful skin at the same time. The new textures are efficient, pleasant, non-greasy, non-sticky and leaves no marks or residue on the skin. All products are impregnated with a refreshing citrus scent.The most advanced formula that prevents sunburn and dehydration

Biotherm Sun Care Range 2013:

Sun protection for the face, neck and body Sun Vivo.

Biotherm created Sun Vivo, the first sunscreen DNA-Genes that due to spontaneous absorption and filter system used helps keep DNA properties. The formula combines pure thermal plankton, with the effective Reverserol SV extract to combat skin aging caused by sunlight.

Spray for Body SPF 30 and UVA & UVB protection.

Distributes quick and easy non-oily protective layer with a refreshing scent. It can be sprayed from any place and has a waterproof formula.

Nutritional oil SPF 6.

Leaves skin silky, absorbs quickly, offering little protection, being recommended for people with olive skin that is not easily affected by the sun. It is resistant to water and applied by spraying.

Lait Solaire SPF 6, 15, 30 and protection against UVA as well as UVB.

It is a protective milk with lemon flavor and a waterproof formula. Inspired by the legendary Lait Corporel, Biotherm creates a protective product that is worth trying! Suave original flavor and texture creates a sensory memory that always crave after this body milk. Lotion has become one of the cult Biotherm products (every twenty seconds, anywhere in the world, a woman gives up the wish to have this body milk). Now Lait Solaire in three protection (6, 15 or 30) gives pleasure and safety to the skin against harmful rays with a pleasant citrus flavor and so fresh texture.