Best red lipstick for olive skin shopping guide

Best red lipstick for olive skin shopping guide


The last time I went shopping I was on a mission: I was going to find the best red lipstick for olive skin. Best red lipstick for olive skin has returned in a major way. It went through a period of being associated with older women while girls my age wore lipstick with coffee or pink tones. Natural beauty was emphasized. Eyes were made to look as big and round as possible, and mouths were kept small.

Another beauty trick I wanted to try was going shampoo-free. This has been a trend among natural-leaning women for some time now, and I have to admit that I was skeptical about whether washing my hair without shampoo would work. I was accustomed to washing my hair with shampoo every day and gauging my hair’s cleanliness by the suds and smooth squeaky feeling. I decided to take a chance on this method because my long, thick hair was starting to get scorched at the ends, and I did not want to cut it short. I did some research on the Internet and found out that a conditioner that does not contain silicone could be used as a gentle shampoo. I liked the idea of still using something to clean my hair and scalp. It felt more comfortable to me than stopping my shampoo use altogether.

I headed out to the store with a vague list of the sorts of products I wanted to buy.

I knew I wanted the best red lipstick for olive skin with a matte finish, and I had resigned myself to spending a fair amount of time standing in the shampoo aisle and reading labels. When I looked at all of the lipstick options, I could not help but feel extremely overwhelmed. It had been so long since the last time I purchased a lipstick that was not just a refill of the old mauve shade I had used for years. I realized that I had no idea what was even available anymore. I saw several major brands that I recognized though many of them had switched over to younger spokesmodels. This was helpful, though. It was easy to eliminate brands based on whether or not I liked those celebrities’ signature styles.

Best red lipstick for olive skin shopping guide

One significant obstacle when buying best red lipstick for olive skin at a drugstore is that it cannot be tried on. By attempting to save some money, I knew I was taking a risk on a red lipstick for olive skin that might not look good for me. I eventually felt myself being drawn to the Wet ‘n Wild display. I vaguely remembered this brand from my childhood, so I began to look through its offerings without intending to buy anything. When I was younger, Wet ‘n Wild made the kind of cosmetics that parents bought for their pre-teen daughters who wanted to play with makeup but were not ready for certain cosmetics yet. I was pleasantly surprised to see that, somewhere along the line, Wet ‘n Wild had evolved into a reliable makeup brand.

Another thing that made me happy was the bright tops on the best red lipstick for olive skin.

They were tightly wrapped in plastic to avoid contamination, but I could still see what the red lipstick for olive skin looked like through their lids. I decided to buy Wet ‘n Wild’s MegaLast lipstick in the Stoplight Red shade for only $2. It is the perfect semi-matte bombshell red. Whenever I wear it, I receive a constant stream of compliments. I cannot believe that I wore my old, dull mauve lipstick for so long.

Though I had thought that choosing a cleansing conditioner would be harder than finding best red lipstick for olive skin, the selection process was fast and easy. After realizing that most thick conditioners contain silicone, I began looking for Suave products, since I recalled them being a bit thinner. I was in luck. Suave’s Naturals line is silicone-free. I chose the Ocean Breeze scent because it was fresh and summery. I also purchased green tea-scented Dove conditioner because I still wanted to give my ends a deep conditioning.

It took some trial and error to figure out how to wash my hair with the Suave conditioner. I learned how to scrub it through my scalp and then rinse it out entirely. It took more effort than using my old shampoo. I use the Dove conditioner after I rinse out the Suave. I like how bouncy my hair is from using two different kinds of conditioners. Once my hair was adjusted to the change, I realized how drying my shampoo had been. It worked with minimal effort because it was so harsh and drying. Having smooth, moisturized hair is worth a little extra effort.

Wearing a new best red lipstick for olive skin and switching up my haircare regimen might not seem like major changes, but what most to me is how much better I feel. I am proud that I was able to improve my outward appearance and my inner confidence by deciding to take some small chances.