Candice image of a limited edition perfume by Victoria’s Secret

Candice Swanepoel is the image of limited edition fragrance, Diamonds Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret. When launching this fragrance is perfect as a gift for Christmas spectacular.

Bombshell Diamond has found inspiration in the incomparable beauty of pure diamonds and these stones, it comes in limited edition. The fragrance exudes glamor in a small bottle that will spread around the smell of raspberry pulp, pink pepper, passion fruit, tangerine and pear sorbet.

With this fragrance, Christmas with its flavors will blend with Diamonds Bombshell. But fragrance surprises do not stop here, but continues with notes of lychee blossom, jasmine, plum poppy and very juicy.

Then, after you leave your sensual notes of sandalwood, musk, vanilla, cedar and white amber. With a motto like “Give in to Glamour” Bombshell Diamonds is the star of this season, and gorgeous Candice otherwise.