Casadei Bridge Collection Spring / Summer

For the season spring / summer 2013 Cesare Casadei decided to investigate the idea of ​​self-discovery and pleasure to use one of the most sophisticated weapons in the world: women’s shoes.

listin-page_arbokThe collection begins with inspired materials from rough and sensual aesthetics of Helmut Newton, based on architectural details and construction and engineering. For example, Plexiglas is used to eliminate any sense of weight and create illusions.

The raw materials mix, deco aesthetic with the primitive and minimalist look. It happens with rhodoid, a compound generally used for glasses used in this case for heels and varnishing. Also, cork is the quintessence of elegance and sophistication in Casadei collection spring / summer 2013.

Collection Spring  Summer 2013 Casadei 2




Collection Spring Summer 2013 Casadei

Arbok White

Collection Spring  Summer 2013 Casadei 3



The collection includes a new platform called “Bridge”. It consists of a micro steel casing shoe crossing from heel to heel, tracing transparent mirror effect.