Coco Chanel Top Innovations

Coco Chanel Top Innovations


A creative genius of the era, daring Coco Chanel put her signature on the most spectacular fashion creations, broke the rules and changed the mentality.

Coco Chanel knew better than anyone what a woman needs in fashion: style and comfort to feel self-possessed, independent and seductive at the same time. She found inspiration in everything around her: from the uniforms worn in the orphanage where she grew up, to discover the Tweed in Scotland, the British officers jackets or sweaters worn by fishermen in seafaring ports.

Diana Vreeland, editor of Vogue magazine: “Chanel invented the twentieth century for women.”

Coco Chanel top innovations by more than half a century ago, still exert a strong influence in fashion and have a special status to millions of aspirational fashionistas worldwide. Some of the articles bearing the signature of Coco Chanel was reinterpreted over time and adapted to contemporary women and simultaneously have become icons, classic pieces that should not miss from the wardrobe of a woman who loves fashion and knows the history.

Coco Chanel top innovations spectacular fashion design

Little Black Dress Chanel is one of those Coco Chanel top innovations that have passed the test of time

On October 1, 1926, the famous American Vogue magazine published a picture of one of the most inspiring Coco Chanel top innovations in the fashion field, a simple dress without sleeves, made of black silk that newspaper journalists have likened it to the famous American cars Ford. Since then the people at Vogue anticipated that this dress, the little black dress will become a sort of uniform for all women loving beautiful. Today it seems hard for us to understand the impact that this classic piece of clothing had during that period, but must take into account the fact that until then ladies wore black only at the funeral events. In time, no wardrobe was not complete without the famous LBD, the dress that highlight any silhouette, it adapts to any occasion depending on the accessory and get you out so many times from deadlock.

Coco Chanel top innovations-the-little-black-dress

Pearl necklace

During 1926-1931, Coco Chanel had intrigued ladies of high society London when she chose to accessorize the day outfit with strands of pearls. Quite often Coco joins genuine and imitation pearls and was rarely seen without this iconic accessory. Pearls are a symbol of elegance and simplicity, and unlike diamonds are less demanding and does not attract so much attention.

Tweed jacket

Through its creative power, Coco Chanel has managed to turn a practical and functional material such as tweed, into a symbol of elegance and femininity, creating this model of jacket for women in constant motion, active as she declared. Certainly one of the most famous creations bearing the signature the house, Chanel tweed jacket is a classic symbol of elegance but also is an exceptionally comfortable and versatile piece of clothing. Tweed jacket continued to be reinterpreted over time in the vision of Karl Lagerfeld, who knew how to put the status of the item icons for Chanel house and so to keep it immortal. Internally the jacket hem is sewn a chain, whose flexibility and weight, manages to keep the jacket design even when it is dressed.

Coco Chanel top innovations coco_chanel

Two-tone shoes

Too few women know that in 1957 Coco Chanel was the one who created the two-tone shoes as a result of practical needs and less style. This model was developed to avoid grass stains on shoes in shades of beige because the ladies were witnessed during that time at various sporting events. Although today no longer find the functional role, two-tone shoes are a stylish choice for a great visual impact and are not missing from any wardrobe Whether it is flats, stilettos or shoes.

2.55 bag

Quilted leather bag, inspired by jockey clothes, accessorized with a thin chain to be worn on the shoulder, allowed women to move freely and efficiently without having to take care of clutch or Dorothy type bags, which slipped too quickly on the wrist. 2.55 unusual name comes from the release date of this iconic accessory, February 1955. This was not, however, the first shoulder bag made by Coco Chanel, the predecessor of this bag was founded in 1929 and was inspired by the bags carried by soldiers. Women wore a stylish accessory throughout the world and perhaps one of the most copied designs of handbags of all time, 2.55 bag is a symbol today.

Karl Lagerfeld, the creator, who managed to keep the spirit of Chanel

Creative director, since 1983 the house Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld has repeatedly testified that the great creator Coco Chanel would never agree with creations that he made and more than that, she would hate them. However, Lagerfeld continues to amaze by reinterpreting items, season by season.

Over time, the eccentric designer was not just about updating the great elements that made so famous Coco Chanel top innovations house. He has invested a lot of passion and energy to add new facets to Chanel name. At the presentation Spring Summer 2013 collection, Karl Lagerfeld surprised with a new innovative clothing design: dress skirt. A discreet silhouette with concealed pockets and strapless in a range of colors intense, accessorized with already famous pearls, this piece of clothing with a modern look and incredibly natural, has surprised this time too through simplicity.

Coco Chanel repeatedly said that first of all: “Luxury must be comfortable. Otherwise, it is not luxury” and that’s why Chanel most important innovations were concentrated on the liberation of women from the burden of the mentality of the time. The most spectacular Coco Chanel top innovations have focused on unleashing inhibitions, and they have helped women to find the inner strength that independence can provide.