How to Transform Your Look Completely

How to Transform Your Look Completely


You may be aware of the famous TV show snog, marry or avoid hosted by the gorgeous Ellie Taylor.

Well, I am going to help you work out whether your fashion sense is to die for or whether you have a complete wardrobe malfunction!

Here are some tips to help you decipher which group you fall under.

Snog- Are You A Natural Beauty?

Every woman is beautiful in her way, and no amount of man-made products can define that. But, it is your choice on whether you want to enhance your beauty with cosmetics or let your real beauty shine through!

Natural beauty is the new ‘in’ for 2013 and with the ever-growing fashion trends and beauty products there are many ways to help you get that natural look.

First and foremost you should find which style will suit you best, whether it be indie, scene or trendy some clothes will flatter your figure and make you look gorgeous!

You also need to make sure you find the right type of beauty products.  If you want to become a natural beauty, then this is how to do it.

  • Take care of your skin – By cleansing and moisturising appropriately you can leave your complexion looking fresh and new. Removing makeup and cleansing your skin every day will cut blemishes, therefore leaving you looking as good as new!
  • Care for your locks – It is so easy for your hair to become damaged, particularly if you tend to use a lot of harsh chemicals and toxins. Straighteners and curling tongs in particular can cause a lot of heat damage to your hair overtime. To avoid drying out your hair then you should invest in shampoo and conditioner products that are ideal for your hair type. As well as this, you need to grab yourself some heat protection solution, this can be applied before you straighten/curl your hair.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals – Some moisturizing solutions tend to be made up of harsh chemicals, this can in fact cause damage to your skin as it takes away the natural oils that protect your skin. Look for natural products that will do the job without the side effects.
  • Don’t go over the top with clothes – Have you ever heard of the myth ‘less is more’ well in some cases it isn’t. Rather than opting for clothes that are too revealing you should try toning it down a little. By showing less skin, you will look more conservative and attract the right type of attention.

Snog- Are You A Natural Beauty

Marry – How To Look Subtly Appealing

Looking subtly appealing involves much more than just the way you look. It is all about the vibe you give, your entire ora. The way you walk, talk and present yourself. If you have the given gift of being full of confidence and appeal then you may not need to follow these next tips. However, if you are a gorgeous girl but struggle to get heads turning then these tips are for you.

  • Be confident ( but not cocky) – Confidence is sexy on any woman, but don’t draw the wrong attention by overdoing it. It is easy to boost your self-esteem, you need just to relax and try not to worry too much. Smile and be polite and you will be fine!
  • Flirt a little – Flirting is a natural thing and being fun a flirt has never caused any harm. Having cheeky banter with the cute guy at the store is a way to improve your self-confidence and perhaps even get you a future date.
  • Dress to impress – If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you should wear clothes that are tailor fitted. You may be surprised that tighter fitted clothes make you look a lot slimmer than baggy clothes. Go for a sexy yet subtle look, as you will want to draw attention but only for the right reasons. Heels and Pencil Skirts are a good place to start.
  • Be Bold- By being colourful and vibrant you will not only look great but you will feel fantastic. Standing out of the crowd is much more than just getting attention, it means you can feel good about yourself and want the world to know it!

Marry- How To Look Subtly Appealing

Avoid- Tone It Down

For whatever reason, many women like to wear what we call ‘man-made’ cosmetics. Which is fine, I like to wear bright lips and lashes of mascara every now and again. But it is when you start looking too over the top that things get out of hand. Here are some tips to help you tone down and show your real beauty!

  • Lighten up on the tan- A beautiful bronze tan is perfect for brightening anyone’s complexion, but when you resemble a certain someone from Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, then you need to worry. Try cutting down on some layers you apply to your skin, allow for a much more natural sun kissed looking tan.
  • Lose the eyelashes- If you struggle to make your eyes pop due to the lack of eyelashes, then you may, of course, seek out false eyelashes. Wearing one pair isn’t too bad. But layers upon layers of fake lashes looks ridiculous!
  • Tone down the makeup- There is no point in taking hours to apply a face full of makeup, you can save yourself hours of applying face cake by just using less of it. A little foundation, blush and mascara is perfect.
  • Cover up- Now, nobody expects to walk around dressed like their granny, but hey you can still look sexy without baring all. If you want to look classy and not trashy than choose clothes that will flatter your figure without showing too much skin.

Avoid- Tone It Down

Bio: Sophie keeps up with the latest beauty and health trends and ensures that everyone knows about the weird ongoing of the fashion world. She also recommends that you buy the right type of tote handbags, one of these beauties will make any outfit complete.