Conscious Exclusive – sustainable fashion at H & M

Exclusive Conscious shows parts and accessories for men and women and is part of H & M Conscious campaign, designed to provide a more sustainable fashion. The materials used in the collection include organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled polyamide and Tencel.Conscious Exclusive - sustainable fashion at H & M

Hollywood glamor is reflected in this collection that includes evening outfits, such as a long dress to the floor, in color pink powder, backless and feminine in three piece suit with a jacket and pants body arched like it, with high waist and zipper on the ankle, all made ​​from organic cotton blend. In men, a jacket that gets a theatrical note, bold, because long fringes on the back sleeve, while a shirt without a collar with detachable bow tie is very elegant when worn with it connected, but can have a dandy air if bow tie is loosened.

Conscious Exclusive - sustainable fashion at H & M 2 Conscious Exclusive - sustainable fashion at H & M 1 1

Exclusive Conscious Collection will be available from April 4 in about 140 H & M stores worldwide and online.

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