How to Create Your Favorite Scent With Perfume Essential Oils

How to Create Your Favorite Scent With Perfume Essential Oils


I have always loved perfume essential oils, but I can only buy so many of them until I send my monthly budget into a panic mode. This is why I decided to make my own perfume with essential oils. It didn’t turn out right the first time but after a lot of experimentation, I got the technique right. It is such an easy and affordable way to use essential oils as perfume, and you can even have a little collection of your favorite scents.

How to Create Your Favorite Scent With Perfume Essential Oils

The following steps explain how I used essential oils for perfume and did it at home for an eco-friendly collection:

1. Choosing the Right Bottle – The glass bottle that is purchased needs to be large and must have a dark tint.

This bit is important as a dark tone on the bottles makes the perfume last longer. Light tends to weaken the perfume’s strength, and it also needs to have a proper cork or lid for the bottle. The bottle needs to hold around 6 ounces as I wanted to make at least that much perfume essential oils. I got one from my local craft store that was just perfect for the job, and it was pretty affordable as well.

2. Choosing the Oils – The next step was to select the essential oils for perfume.

People can go for a maximum of 3 oils or else, the resulting scent would be too overpowering. I recommend choosing two complimentary oils like vanilla and citrus or anything else that smells great together. Here’s a tip I learnt – pick one basic scent and one strong one. They would combine wonderfully together without any clashes.

3. Clean the Bottle – I boiled about a quart of water and put my bottle in it.

It needs to be boiled for around 5 minutes, and then, it should be run under the tap for a few minutes to cool down. While doing this, the oven needs to be preheated to 250 F for later use. I would recommend doing the preheating step before the cleaning is started. While the oven is being heated, I cleaned the bottle properly with some soap and warm water. When the rinsing is done, it must be ensured that the soap is completely rinsed. Then, I took a baking sheet that was oven safe and put the bottle inside the oven on it. The bottle stayed inside the oven for 30 minutes or so.

4. Making the Perfume – After that, I took the 3 ounces of pure unflavored Vodka and added the oils to it.

About six drops of oil should do, and the ratio can be varied depending on the number of oils used. It is important to make sure that the same quantity of each is used to balance it. After stirring the mixture properly, I left it in a cool, dry area for two days.

After that much time had passed, I boiled 2 ounces of distilled water on the stove for 10 minutes. This was to ensure that there were no impurities left as this water needs to be added to the mixture.

The perfume would require three more days to set, and then it can be used. I made many perfumes like this with different blends. Experimenting is the best part of making your own perfume essential oils, and you will find some great combinations like I did.