Discover 6 unique things you do not know about feminine pink

Discover 6 unique things you do not know about feminine pink


Pink is one of those colors that, at some point in life, no woman has survived. The new season brings in actuality, many shades of pink, integrated into the right outfit for the days of spring, summer holidays and various special moments.

If you want to wear impressive outfits season spring-summer 2013, pink will bring a touch of sensuality to your feminine look. This year pink tones: from the pale to pink candy, fuchsia, and shades that give towards lilac or coral – are used in a much more smart way than in past seasons.

Inspire yourself from the collections of Gucci, Burberry, Moschino, Miu Miu, Ruffian, or Badgley Mischka and wear pink with a diva attitude!

Current fashion proposes powerful and provocative clothing pieces in shades of pink in a much stronger way compared to diaphanous and delicate look that we used before. And to convince you that it is not just the new color of passion, but a special one that made history, I prepared a little style guide.

Discover six unique things you do not know about feminine pink

1. Name color, pink, is first mentioned in the seventeenth century and comes from carnations, a species of flowering plants in the family Dianthus;

2. As the cherry trees are in blossom pink only when budding, pink is the color most commonly associated with the coming of spring in Japan;

3. Most species of flamingos are pink because of pigments that are found in their food;

4. Diana Vreeland said at one point that “Pink is the navy blue of India”;

5. The song La Vie en Rose, written in 1945, became the signature of the artist Edith Piaf. Although it was considered by the team of the singer, a song from the repertoire weaker than the other, proved to be a tremendous success with the public and was integrated two years later, in 1947, the album of the same name;

6. Aerosmith band dedicated a song to this shades and pink has become such a successful hit in 1997.