Dressing Appropriately For A Wedding

Dressing Appropriately For A Wedding


Okay, so you receive an invitation on your hands to go to a wedding.  Excitement about the events start to fill your heart, and you immediately look for things to help the couple at.  Fast forward to the week before the wedding day, you realize one thing — you still got nothing to wear! The couple is busy so disturbing them just to get a definite answer on what you will be wearing would be something unethical.

Tips To Dressing Appropriately

We know your dilemma, so we’ve compiled a few tips for you to know how to dress appropriately for a wedding.  I warn you, it may need a bit of discernment and analysis, but, it’s a good brain exercise.


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The first thing you may have to consider checking is the invitation itself.  Sometimes, the couple goes their way to help you, by telling you what to wear, though that doesn’t usually happen.  If it’s not present, depending on the design of the invitation, you’ll get some idea of how the couple wants their wedding to look like.  Say it’s a traditional type of invitation printed on a heavy cream paper along with a formal tone and font?  Needless to say, you should be wearing something formal.  A gown if you’re a woman and a suit if you’re a man.  Color?  Invitations usually are connected to the overall motif of the wedding.  Say you’ll see signs of orange and green all over.  It doesn’t take a genius to realize that it’ll be better to go for something on those shades.  Is the invitation a little less than formal?  Say, it’s inviting you in just a casual tone?  Then it might mean you’re expected to go for just a casual outfit.

Next thing you’ll have to think of is the place.  Where will it be located?  For instance, even though the invitation is formal, but if it is outdoors, it’ll be something different from the usual gown you thought of wearing in an indoor event.  You wouldn’t want to get caught by the wind.  If it’s a beach wedding, you would most definitely not wear high heels.  It’s a big no-no, as it will sink in the sand or maybe in the soil if it’s in a grass area.  Or if the place is outdoors, but the weather is hot, you would most definitely wear something comfortable.  Also, be aware of the time of the event.  Always wear something that fits into the temperature.

Remember, though, that there are clothes, you should not wear, such as white.  Don’t upstage the bride.  In weddings, it’s typically given that only the bride wears white.  Black must also not be worn during the daytime.  Never, ever wear jeans to a wedding or something so casual that it has tears, holes, or stains in it.  Never wear something too sexy or revealing that it doesn’t respect the event.  If you are attending a religiously linked wedding, never wear something sleeveless or staples.  If you do, cover your shoulders with a wrap or jacket so as not to offend anyone.

These tips might be something general to you, but it can help a lot in making the event about the couple and not about you.  So, ready to dress up?

How to build a modern and stylish outfit for restaurant wedding

When choosing an outfit for the wedding, you should take into account several aspects.

First, in your clothes should not predominate whites, in order not to outshine the bride and it is recommended to avoid very deep necklines or too short dresses.

You do not want the rest of the guests to remember in an inappropriate way your presence at the event.

On the other hand, an excessively informal attire is not required unless you intend to make a discordant note to the rest of those present.

Wedding at restaurant - How to build a modern and stylish outfit

Wedding attire must comply with the dress code mentioned on the invitation.

If you attend a wedding theme and on the invitation-only event location is specified, it must influence you in choosing clothes.

If the party is held at a restaurant, our suggestion is to opt for a cocktail attire.

This will allow more freedom of movement than classic long dresses with a corset and elegant enough to suit this type of event.

The advantage of cocktail dresses is that you can wear it in other situations, of course, accessorized in a different manner.

gold earrings

We recommend you avoid clamps and gear on a discreet accessory in the upper.

You can opt for a pair of gold earrings and a statement ring. If you want lengthens your silhouette and give her an elegant shape, and then a pair of heeled sandals are mandatory.

To enjoy more convenience and stability for dancing, platform models and stilettos are a good choice.

This summer we were conquered by another popular trend among international fashionistas: transparent accessories.


You can complete this outfit for a wedding plexiglass clutch with rich details that will not go unnoticed by others invited to the ceremony.

How to Wear Comfortable Wedding Shoes All Day

As an enthusiastic future bride, you might be tempted to think that finding the comfortable wedding shoes to go with your wedding dress should be a child’s play. But we all know that sometimes, the most stylish and beautiful pairs of shoes can be uncomfortable and end up hurting our feet in unimaginable ways. You want to feel lively and almost weightless during your entire wedding ceremony and reception.

So, how could you find a lovely pair of comfortable wedding shoes, which won’t cause severe foot problems and back pain?

Are there any particular products that might relieve discomfort and help you wear comfortable wedding shoes as gracefully as a queen? Check out the tips and tricks mentioned below, guaranteeing a pain-free wedding experience.

Embellished Satin Point Toe Pumps comfortable wedding shoes
Embellished Satin Point Toe Pumps comfortable wedding shoes

Make sure your wedding shoes are the right size. Don’t even think about trying to squeeze your feet into a pair of shoes which is obviously too small for you. Regardless of how convenient and how fabulous they are, don’t purchase a pair of wedding shoes unless they fit perfectly!

Otherwise, you will condemn yourself to an entire night of feet torture. Every bride wants to look like a fairytale princess when she walks down the aisle. But, unlike Cinderella’s evil sisters, you have already charmed your Prince. There is no need for you to sacrifice your comfort and your welfare to prove that you’re the chosen one, by trying to wear wedding shoes that just don’t fit.

Opt for the perfectly comfortable wedding shoes design to avoid painful foot problems

These days, you could easily find thousands of models of drop-dead gorgeous wedding shoes- from amazingly comfortable flats adorned with all kinds of decorations (perfect for the tall and slender brides) to stilettos with an unbelievably thin and high heel. Diversity is not a problem in this department.

But how could you identify the truly comfortable wedding shoes pairs?

Easy: take the safe middle way. Opt for thick, medium heels (preferably less than 5 inches tall). A thick heel will offer you extra support, distributing the weight evenly on your feet.

Katrina Rhinestone Sandals

Katrina Rhinestone Sandals

Learn how to break in your brand new pair of wedding shoes

Make sure those gorgeous shoes are not too tight, to avoid foot injuries. Start by wearing them daily around the house for a few minutes, just to break them in. For amazing results obtained in record time, try wearing them with socks in the comfort of your room. For a similar effect, it is also advisable to heat them up using a standard hairdryer.

Purchase the right comfortable wedding shoes designed to ensure maximum protection against foot problems.

Do you want to wear comfortable wedding shoes and never worry about what that excellent pair might do to your feet? Find the best solution to your problem. Count on a few products specially designed for this type of special occasions, like thin, highly flexible shoe insoles and premium gel pads, turning common foot problems into a thing of the past.

Platform Evening Sandals - Janene High Heel

Platform Evening Sandals – Janene High Heel

Always prefer comfort to fashion trends

You don’t necessarily need to rock the most expensive, gorgeous pair of high heels during your wedding day to become the center of everyone’s attention. Always consider your comfort and your well-being a top priority. Choose to buy a pair of comfortable wedding shoes which is stylish, affordable and extremely practical, offering you maximum stability and flexibility at the same time.

Are you worried about not being able to wear comfortable wedding shoes with high heels?

Nothing stops you from purchasing and wearing a timelessly elegant pair of flat, comfortable wedding shoes (ballet pumps are always an ideal option) with an incredible design, decorated with diamonds, pearls or crystals. This will help you make a real fashion statement while allowing you to focus your entire attention on your wedding reception, rather than worrying about your sore feet.

Stylish wedding buns hairstyles with floral accessories and hair pins

Buns are without a doubt the top choices when it comes to wedding hairstyles. Simple, with curls or braids, accessorized with flowers, sparkling tiara or hairpins, they are an expression of elegance and glamor style!

Wedding simple buns or curls

Regarding hairstyles for the bride, you can opt primarily for single coils or loops, depending on your preferences but also the style that fits chosen wedding dress. Are ultra stylish!

Wedding buns with braids

Braids are all the rage for this year, so choose with confidence a bun with braids for the marriage day. Perfect for modern people who are not afraid to try something new even on this very special day!

Wedding buns with floral accessories

If you choose a wedding bun, do not forget that you can add them decorative accessories to turn it into a romantic and ultra feminine hairstyle!

Wedding buns with bright accessories

Pebbles shiny accessories like clips, hair pins with beads or pearls, tiaras are perfect for bringing a touch of shine to hair dress. Choose wedding buns with glamorous accessories if you want to be a glam wedding!