Earring Styles For Different Face Shapes

Earring Styles For Different Face Shapes


Earrings are a tricky accessory to get right. Appearing so prominently around the face they will be seen more than any other piece of jewelry you wear and depending on your appearance will significantly affect your look.

Here is a rundown of some certain earring styles to go with depending on your face shape.


This is a face shape where the widest point is just slightly above the midpoint of the face and jawline that is soft but not too narrow. Dependent upon the length of neck and width of shoulders, women with this face shape can wear just about any style of earring. Examples of women with oval face shapes include Cameron Diaz and Elle MacPherson.



Compared with the oval face shape, a round face shape is shorter and slightly more rounded. Such faces have gradual curves rather than hard angles, and earring styles should match this form. Look for shapes with width and soft curves and avoid long delicate earrings, which will emphasize the roundness of the face. Ideally, if wearing drop earrings, they should end between the earlobe and jawline. Examples of women with round face shapes include Kirsten Dunst and Renee Zellweger.


This is a face shape where the hairline is the widest point and the face tapers to the chin that is narrower than the rest of the face. Drop earrings look beautiful with this face shape, balancing out the size difference in the upper and lower portions of the face, and look particularly fantastic with earrings that graze the shoulder. Examples of women with heart face shapes include Cheryl Cole and Gwyneth Paltrow.


This is a face shape very similar to oval. However, the widest points of the face hit in the middle (as opposed to just above). The style of earring that works with the diamond face shape is the same as what works with the heart shaped face. Examples of women with diamond face shapes include Audrey Tautou and Elizabeth Hurley.


This face shape is almost the opposite of the heart and has a narrow forehead and wide jaw. To emphasize the angular aspects of the face you can wear angular earrings, but to give a softer more feminine appearance opt for softly curved earrings. Examples of women with triangular face shapes include Minnie Driver and Billie Piper.



This is a face shape with a broad and angular jaw, with a hairline of a similar width. The styles that go with a square face shape are very similar to a triangular face shape. In addition to draw de-emphasize the length of the face, stick with short drop earrings with the longest length of the earlobe and jawline. Examples of women with square face shapes include Angelina Jolie and Demi Moore.


This face shape, similarly to oval has a right length but much less width, couples with a softly curved jawline. Due to the narrowness of the face, the features appear very large. This suits well with equally large round earrings that deemphasize this but steer away from long delicate earrings that emphasize the length of the face. Examples of celebrities with narrow face shapes include Sarah Jessica-Parker and Liv Tyler.