Find Your True Self Through The Physiognomy of Curly Hair

Find Your True Self Through The Physiognomy of Curly Hair


Very few things have stayed on the list of “Most Intriguing and Mysterious Things” throughout history as long as divination.

Though most people associate the term divination with fortune-telling, it can also be associated with the ability to pinpoint character traits accurately based on particular details of a persons’ different face.

Physiognomy is one of the hottest new divination trends.

Thought it is just starting to pick up steam with the masses, it has been a tool used to decipher peoples’ personalities since the dawning of time.

Find Your True Self Through The Physiognomy of Curly Hair
Find Your True Self Through The Physiognomy of Curly Hair

Ancient Asian and Greek civilizations used physiognomy to get the details on people on the sly.

The physiognomy of curly hair, straight hair, blonde hair, or brown hair all tell of different personality traits. The placement, color, and shape of your eyes, the shape of your face, or any of your other facial attributes will give away your real nature in a heartbeat to those familiar with physiognomy.

Physiognomy of Curly Hair

Individuals with curly hair are extremely good-hearted. They fill everyone around them with joy from their good vibes.

Affectionate and loving to those they have included in their inner circle, they are the glue for their close family and friends.

The physiognomy of curly hair also hints at a need to be kind to everyone they meet.

Souls that are filled with kindness through and through express their spirit through kind words and gestures to dear friends and strangers alike.

Physiognomy of Curly Hair By Color

Hair color also plays a part in understanding the physiognomy of curly hair for each person.

Individuals with black hair are free, mysterious, and kind spirits.

Those with dark red hair are forced to be reckoned with. They possess extreme physical energy.

Dark red hair can bring almost a “two-faced” persona to the table when combined with curly hair, as this color can often mean argumentative, cynical, skeptical, and angry.

Bright red-heads are fancy-free, wild, and filled with passion and creativity. Those with paler red hair are stylish, subdued, and firm.

A blonde is equipped with an extremely strong conscience. Blondes can be naive and young at heart, but that is merely because they possess hearts of gold. Character traits of blonde hair when combined with the physiognomy of curly hair equals one of the kindest people imaginable.

Brown :
Romantic and adventurous, people with brown hair love to see the world and explore everything it has to offer.

Finding The True You

Does the physiognomy of curly hair match your personality accurately? Find out what the beautiful exterior of your face says about your inner self through the physiognomy of all of your facial features.