Finding Stylish and Affordable Business Office Clothes for Women

Finding Stylish and Affordable Business Office Clothes for Women


When I worked for a law firm, one of my greatest challenges was finding stylish and affordable office clothes for women. I wanted to dress and look the part of a lawyer, and I also wanted to command the respect of my colleagues through my appearance.

Aside from that, I only had a limited amount of time to get ready every morning. Perhaps you are facing similar struggles in creating a wardrobe that contains stylish clothes for work.

If so, then read on to hear about some of the ways that I dealt with finding stylish clothes for work on a budget.

Invest in Basics

When I started looking to buy office clothes for women, I decided to invest in a few essential pieces. I shopped at the discount Brooks Brothers store at the local outlet mall, and I was able to find some incredible deals on collared shirts, blazers, and khaki pants.

When a woman is shopping for stylish clothes for work, she should consider investing in well-made blouses.

I remember purchasing white, pink and blue collared shirts from Brooks Brothers. They were on the sale rack, and I paid about $15 to $20 for each one. Compared to the original price tag, this was a great deal.

The best office clothes for women are those that contain a few essential pieces that can be matched with any outfit.

Finding Stylish and Affordable Office Clothes for Women 1

Create Multiple Outfits from Basic Pieces

In my quest to find stylish work clothes for women, I also decided that I would be as creative as possible in making new outfits. This meant using the collared shirts that I had purchased from Brooks Brothers with pencil skirts, black pants, khakis and other basics.

One of my other recommendations for women who are seeking stylish clothes for work is to consider purchasing clothing from European retail stores like Dorothy Perkins.

Often, you can find great deals on office clothes for women.

Also, you will notice that the quality of clothing from European designers tends to be much better. Best of all, you will not have to pay a fortune for high-quality, stylish work clothes for women.

Wear Simple Dresses

Simple dresses are an excellent investment for any woman who works in an office. You can find simple black or gray dresses at stores that sell office clothes for women.

By wearing a simple dress, you do not have to spend time in the morning in putting together an outfit. You can be out of the door in less than 10 minutes when you wear dresses.

Finding Stylish and Affordable Office Clothes for Women


When you want to jazz up stylish work clothes for women, it is important to have a few quality necklaces, bracelets or watches on hand. In a professional atmosphere, it is better to keep your accessories to a minimum. However, a simple silver watch or a long strand of pearls can lend a very elegant appeal to any outfit.

For those days in which you have a meeting with an important client, consider wearing stylish work clothes for women with accessories.

Also, don’t forget to wear a pair of right heels with fashionable clothes for work. It is important to make sure that heels are comfortable and still add the style factor to your outfit.

Try looking online to see whether you can find a pair of Ferragamos or other high-quality shoes at a discount on the Internet.  For those who work in the city and are always running errands, it can be a smart idea to keep a pair of flats in a desk drawer.

Keep an Open Mind

If you are on a budget, then consider finding stylish work clothes for women at a trunk show, online auction or thrift store. Try shopping at thrift stores in affluent areas if you wish to find stylish clothes for work with designer labels.

You can save hundreds of dollars on fashionable work clothes for women by choosing to shop at these types of venues.

Overall, it is entirely possible to find office clothes for women on a budget. All you need to do is to have a bit of creativity in pulling together basics to create lovely office outfits.

Take the time to invest in a few fundamental pieces for the office, and you will be set for success.

My Quest for Business Casual Dress

Of all the things to stress over when starting a new job, fashion was the one I least expected. I’ve always considered myself to have great fashion sense, but even so, while I browsed over the company dress code I was daunted by the pair of words: “Business Casual”. Part of me was excited to trade in my yoga pants and jeans for a sleeker style. After so many years of working in arts camps and youth classes, I had started to feel like my wardrobe would never grow up.

As I wandered the department store, uncertainty came creeping up my spine. I began walking circles in aisles of slacks and blazers, until I nearly collapsed in a heap, struck with the paralyzing question, “What is a business casual dress, anyway?”.

I retreated to the safety of my apartment, where pajamas are always in style and footwear is never required. I thought to myself, “My mission is clear: I have one week to determine what is a business casual dress, and acquire the fashion items needed for my transformation. Let the games begin!”

My tactic: observation.

I took my question to the girls who know best and popped in a season of Sex and the City. The goddesses of fashion SURELY would be able to give me some direction. To my dismay, they were of no help at all. If I were rich enough to be professionally unemployed, dining in chic cafes by day and frequenting NYC hotspots at night, then they had the fashion answers.

Unfortunately, the only lady in the workforce is Miranda, and the legal pantsuit just isn’t my style. With frustration, I turned off the television and had a passing thought of forwarding my question to the writers. I could just see it- Carrie’s next big article: “What is the business casual dress, anyway?”

If I couldn’t observe through the entertainment industry, then it was time to face the real public. I found a coffee shop in my town, nestled perfectly in business central. I arrived just before the lunch hour to catch the up and coming entrepreneurs and professionals on break.

As the crowd swarmed in the and the courtyard came to life with activity, I watched intently. Women in pumps and trumpet skirts topped with silk chemises wafted by in clouds of Chanel and Dior. Men shuffled along in suits and ties, occasionally with the briefcase to go along.

I began to grow excited as I took note of the cuts, the lines, and the accessories. Slacks, skirts, scarves, chignons- everything I had been looking for! Behind them, another crowd piqued my interest. Still clean-cut and professional, this group had a more liberated essence about them. Sure, some were in heels, and some still wore pants with crisp seams down the center, but their form was free-flowing, no restrictive blazers or ties to be seen.

Are you ready for it? My answer was…. it depends.

Business casual means something different to every person, based on their career.

Nestled somewhere between jeans and court attire, the fashion genre leaves much up to interpretation. In my case, I needed to be presentable, but approachable to both parents and students alike. So what do you think? What is business casual dress to you?

Use Business Style Outfits to boost your look

Whatever dictates trends regarding office outfits, business suits are always an excellent choice to design a professional and good image.

Keep in mind that the style, color, length and cut of the business suit for women are elements that say about your professional skills and serve as an indicator of the importance of career for a woman.

If, in the recent past, the office outfits had become increasingly casual, now we see the return of business suits to the attention of women, especially in the corporate environment.

Trends in business suits give particular importance to arched jackets and pencil skirts.

The collar is also versatile in a suit, taking  V or boat form, asymmetric or tuxedo.

Despite the reinvention occurred in history, women’s suits have not suffered a  so powerful transformation.

Ladylike style is as modern today as it did in the 1940s or 1990s, and jackets reinterpret this with elegant pins, pencil skirt and thin belts.

Regardless of trends in colors, shades of gray, black, navy and brown colors will always be dominant in costumes.

Since the 1980s, women have approached male style, wearing those power suits in bright colors and showing the need to design a sober, tough image.

Currently, trends in male-inspired costumes were superb effeminate by cuts in tweed, or coconut leg.

This style can be worn with high heels pumps shoes, silk scarf, and delicate jewelry.

Casual outfits for the office are professional, but some more comfortable, feminine and stylish.

If the environment allows, opt for skirts and ’60s-style suits, or cardigan skirt eternal approach.

Among the most popular choices for office, is a black pants suit, which allows easy matching with blazers, jackets, and various blouses models.

White shirt, is a standard but black suit pants will be complimented by warm colors and silk blouses.

The details are necessary to create a consistent look at the office.

Neat manicure, choosing the right hairstyles for office and last but not least, make-up reflects the image at a rate of 50%, the other half belonging to suits and shoes.

You can accessorize business suits or casual outfits with silk scarves, jewelry simple and accessorized hairstyles.

But do not overdo with heavy elements, and keep sequins, big earrings and necklaces overlapping, for after hours.

Regarding office shoes, standards teach us, not to wear open shoes in front (so, not sandals) and not neglect tights, a prerequisite for office.

Conservative hairstyles and  subtle makeup will make you feel attractive and thus confident.

Despite the accepted norms of clothing, company policy may be more gentle with employees, implementing even what is called “Casual Friday”.

Striped suits are an excellent choice for women fulfilled, or to adopt an androgynous look.

You send a message to professional, and will reject any distrust in your competence.