Looking great on the beach after a mastectomy

Looking great on the beach after a mastectomy


For many women, the news that they have to have a mastectomy is a bombshell. Losing such a vital part of your womanhood is a devastating experience. Breast cancer treatment and surgery are a long and challenging road, but having faced all the challenges their illness had to throw at them, breast cancer survivors develop an impressive ability to put life into perspective and move on.

The first hurdle many women face after their physical recovery is overcoming the loss of femininity and sexuality they may feel from losing one or both breasts. An important element in dealing with these issues is feeling confident in yourself and what you’re wearing. That’s where fitting of the right prosthesis and bra makes all the difference.

It’s a process that can involve some degree of trial and error, and there will naturally be a period of adjustment before you get accustomed to wearing a prosthetic breast form.


Finding the appropriate prosthesis and regaining a feeling of comfort and confidence in your clothes is one thing, but thinking about putting on a swimsuit can be quite another. Even women with two healthy breasts get stressed about choosing swimwear, and for mastectomy patients the challenge is so much greater.

Many miss out altogether on the joys of swimming and sunbathing through fear that people will notice something different about them, or that their breast form will not be secure in their swimsuit. The good news is that specialist mastectomy swimwear does away with these concerns.

Made with higher armholes and necklines to cover more of the chest area and conceal scars, and built-in pockets to secure breast forms, these swimsuits can give you the confidence and security to take that breakthrough step and get back on the beach.

And, where once this sort of specialist swimwear was apt to be somewhat dowdy, there is now an increasing demand for new choices in mastectomy swimsuits. That means there’s a wide variety of styles, cuts and colours available, so there’s no reason you can’t find attractive and flattering swimwear to make you look and feel great on the beach.


We mustn’t underestimate how much of a milestone it is to get back on the beach after such major, life-altering surgery, but finding the right swimwear can be a significant step towards restoring your confidence and femininity. And if you’re feeling at all insecure, consider this: you’ve faced one of the toughest challenges that life can deal out and survived it. You’re not going to let your mastectomy stop you from enjoying all the fun activities that summer can offer.