Classic and crocheted fedora stylish traditional winter hats

Classic and crocheted fedora stylish traditional winter hats


Numerous models of winter hats in trends for the winter season were both practical, protecting us from cold weatheras well as aesthetically interesting designs because that toasty textile market.

In this winter  we see the return in trends, classic winter hats patterns knitted and crocheted hats and we welcomed new models of stylish winter hats, retro-inspired. From models of wide-brimmed hat or Fedora, to berets, hats seen on fashion shows, does not disappoint any style or taste.

One of the most popular trends of the year is represented by inspiration of the animal kingdom, not only in prints but also the shape of hats, which acquires elements borrowed from the animal world, such as whiskers or ears.

Hats models for winter 2012Also, instead of traditional winter hats, many of us will choose for the season, warm headband, neckwear with hood models or turbans popularized on spring / summer. However, winter hats will be represented by models with tassels happier hats, berets colored, perfect to freshen the atmosphere outside.

Hats models for winter 2012Fur, a current trend, will greatly influence models hats, so we will find many models with fur accents, if not entirely made of this material. As winter approaches, you’d think that hats models solve a necessity, but many of the models proposed by trendsetters are in fact accessories to complete our operating style, and we are included in the wave set by trends.

Here are the main directions chosen from the catwalks in terms of hats. Purchase decisions will be made only after reviewing the most interesting proposals from the gallery that I have prepared:

Hats models for winter 2012

Wide brimmed winter hats.

Romantic, feminine and sometimes bringing to heroines of the novels, these models of the wide brimmed winter hats will attract anyone’s attention. Suitable for capturing a bohemian look, in ’70s style, wide brimmed winter hats, hanging loose to cover only half of the face, are on the rise this winter.

Hats models for winter 2012The look suggested:
Wide-brimmed winter hat – maxi dress – platform shoes
Wide-brimmed winter hat – skinny jeans – vintage shirt – fake fur collar

Fedora winter hats.

If you prefer the classic style, inspired by men, the target model should be a Fedora winter hat. This model presents a multitude of styles and colors, many of which are decorated with feathers and other elements that sweeten sober style.Fedora hats are favorites of stars, celebrities like Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and Rachel McAdams combining them to any outfit.

Hats models for winter 2012The look suggested:
Fedora winter Hats – knee dress – Cardigan – Oxford shoes
Fedora winter Hats – jeans shirt – loose pants

Bowler winter hats.

Bowler winter hats have become some of the most popular models, even for bad weather, because of the many ways that can be worn to give a twist to a regular outfit.

The look suggested:
Bowler winter hat – shirt – boyfriend jacket – skinny jeans – oxford shoes
Bowler winter hat – long pullover, button – colored socks – boots