How you can become a healthy person in a short span of...

How you can become a healthy person in a short span of time


When we take up physical activity, it’s almost always because we want to look better, feel better, to become better. It’s not because we like doing grinding away on a repetitive task endlessly. However, the fact is, getting exercise should mean doing it routinely, but it does not mean getting stuck in a rut and doing the same thing for no gain. This is not to say that exercising this way will increase your gain with a lesser effort from you.

The intent of this article is to help you become more efficient at exercise, even when you do it at home. The idea is to extract the maximum possible benefit from the activities you undertake, which nothing you do goes to waste. Here is one simple change you can make and make sure that you reach your goals faster.

Assuming you’ve just started working out at home on your own, you will probably be doing bodyweight exercises such as squats, pushups, pullups, etc. You might use machines for assistance, or you might even have free weights handy. Moving even a moderate amount of weight is in itself a difficult and painful task. What you want to do is more reps at this time.

Nothing will impress another person faster than to see you pump out several reps in succession. A single rep of a heavy lift is more likely to get you considered a freak and an obsessive than it is to make you look like you’re a master of the art of fitness. Here’s what you need to do.

You need to:

Grease the groove:

Put forth by the legendary Russian fitness coach Pavel Tsatsouline, better known as simply Pavel, the idea behind grease the groove is uncomplicated.

Here’s what you do. Take an exercise that you want to improve on. Pullups are a popular choice. You’ve got that bar hanging in your room, mocking you and your inability to dominate it. Let’s assume you’ve worked up the strength to do five pull-ups that you do three times a week. What you need to add to make you go from five to fifteen isn’t anything complicated. Do less than the maximum, many times a day and every day. In this example, what you should ideally do is two, three or four pull-ups at least thrice a day on at least five days or every day of the week.

In a week, you’ll have progressed from five to seven pull-ups quickly. From seven, it only becomes easier to improve to nine. And from nine, adding two will hardly be anything. And so on. In this way, making progress is much quicker than any traditional method of exercises.

Push ups are even easier. Grab those push-up bars and get to the floor. Once you can do a sufficiently high number, you can use grease the groove to become better at even more sophisticated versions of exercises in the same pattern of progression.

The idea is, in essence, to be consistent with your training and to make it a point of focus. A well-oiled machine runs smoothly at all times, and when it comes to pushing it to the limits, it can easily show some impressive performance because of being ever ready to do so. Your body is a machine, and you need to keep it running this way so that if you wanted to, you could push some impressive numbers quickly without having had to break much of a sweat.