H&M Spring / Summer Collection – Colors, shades, dresses, accessories

H&M Spring / Summer Collection – Colors, shades, dresses, accessories


H&M launched a preview of the collection spring / summer, tempting us long before the first snow fall.

H&M Spring / Summer Collection awakens the urban life, with modern cuts and electric shades and despite innovative dynamism the collection is an explosion of femininity and romance.

In tone with trends in spring / summer, hairstyles and makeup, H&M offer brings a fresh wave of warm season by specific colors. It is announced, therefore, a spring full of shades of cream, bright yellow and orange, pastels and whitebut also neon shades, famous last season.

The collection combines straight lines, edgy, with specific curves romance of the the 60s, sometimes sprinkling a little grunge, of the ’90s met in the collection “Millennium” which will be launched in December 2011, as well as something exotic, Asian-inspired .

Variety of materials follows the four styles addressed in the new H&M collection, making through tulle, organza and silk, the Asian romance, and through the skin and overlapping materials, rock-chic hardness.

H&M Spring / Summer Collection proposes jackets with collar type boat, skirts and dresses with beautiful prints and energetic colors, comfortable silk pants, asymmetrical blouses, and many models of women’s cardigans.

White suit, silk tunics and kimono dresses were among the first which attracted my attention, these pieces-star of the collection, suggesting an attempt H&M, to shine through sobriety of classic chic pieces.

Ann-Sophie Johansson, H&M creative director, stressed, however, “I love the style mature, elegant of season. It is still so casual and easy to wear in many combinations.”

The collection also boasts models in the spirit of the ’60s, offering young color-blocks short dresses, skirts and jackets in shades of pastel colors and vivid yellow and orange. H&M encourages you to wear even, neutral colors of the collection, with spots of bright color such as neon green, orange or bright yellow, indigo and violet.

Mix and match style of the chromatics is strongest found in accessories Spring / Summer  – white / orange sunglasses, peach / turquoise wedge sandals, biker jackets, etc.

Accessories are massive and impressive, reminding of ’60s fashion and cheering with accents of color and feminine prints. Among our favorites include white / orange bracelets, geometric print scarves, Charlie Chaplin hats and John Lennon glasses.

The new collection inspires through modern H&M cut, lightweight drapery, strong colors and feminine details.

What do you like from new H&M spring / summer collection?