Hottest Trends for Teens in This Spring/Summer

Hottest Trends for Teens in This Spring/Summer


Teens embrace their youth with playful and fun styles! Here are the biggest and best fashion standards to try out this year:

Big floaty skirts

Not everyone feels confident in mini-skirts, so perhaps that’s why voluminous skirts are such a huge teen trend at the moment? Rather than frumpy maxis, think swishing above-the-knee cuts with plenty of movement.

You’ll find them in pastels and muted shades as well as bright colours. Pleated skirts are also in rage; wear with a long-sleeve top or an elegant tucked-in blouse.

Brightly coloured clothes

Summer is the best time to go all bright and the bold coloured trend is going to be even greater! As a teen you can get away with mixing loads of bright colours at once, just have fun with it. Bright dresses in skater styles will be hitting all the high streets stores along with brightly coloured jackets. Blazers are effortlessly cool but can be a bit dull if in school-style blues and blacks. That’s why you’ll love the bright colour options coming up!

Lots of jewellery

Get ready to go overboard with the bling. It’s all about layering loads of necklaces. Think themed chains with playful trinkets and quirky charms or go for faux-gold chains for that ghetto vibe. If you are going to go for chunky metallic accessories, contrast with a girly outfit.

Across-body handbags

They say a girl can never have too many shoes, but frankly the same applies to handbags! If you buy a new one to match this year’s trends, go with a cute across-body design. These are practical. You can sling them across your body and forget about it until you need open your purse and add a touch of lip balm. Bright colours are going to be prominent in the bag collections too.

Flat shoes

High-heels are overrated, but luckily you’ve probably not felt the pressure to wear them just yet. This season flats are going to be a huge trend, so you can hold off the stilettos for a little longer. Pumps are brilliant with robes, skirts or jeans and are so much more comfortable than sky-scraping shoes. Expect bright coloured designs in shiny plastics and with cut-out features that you’ll want to show off.

Graphic print clothing

When you wish to make a remarkable impact but still want to be comfortable, print clothes are the way to go. Choose from oversized printed tees, with powerful or cutesy slogans and celeb portraits. Fitted jersey graphic leggings can be worn with a t-shirt or under a mini skirt or dress. Cosmic inspired prints are particularly excellent on leggings along with Aztec patterns that never seem to go out of style!