How to stretch leather boots around the calf – learn from my...

How to stretch leather boots around the calf – learn from my story


Isn’t it a drag when you find your favorite accessory or piece of clothing, and it just doesn’t quite fit right? There are times when you need to customize a piece of clothing and make it work for you.

How to stretch leather boots around the calf?

Here I will tell you my story of my favorite leather boots.

They didn’t start out as my favorite leather boots, though! They were annoyingly tight at first! I had to stretch them out over my calves, and at first I thought it was going to be close to impossible.

I will share with you my tips for how I was able to stretch these leather boots, though.5319 2

When I found my favorite pair of leather boots online, I went ahead and ordered them.  When they came to my house, I noticed that the zipper I had on the boot looked quite different then the ones that I thought I had ordered.

I tried them on, and needless to say, they didn’t fit! Not at all. This was alarming to me because I wanted to wear these boots to the Sundance Film Festival coming up! I needed a quick fix.

I emailed the online store in which I had purchased the boots, and it didn’t take very long to receive an email back. The lady talking to me was extremely helpful and started telling me about some simple options. She ended up sending me out a boot band, and it wasn’t very much time until the shoe strap arrived at my house.

I was euphoric with the customer service and how expedited the shipping was. This was great because now I could fix my boots in time for the film festival!


When the boot band came to my house, I was ready to get started!

I opened the box with the boot band and started with the little clippers. These were very easy to install onto the existing zipper. All that needed was to un-clip the zipper and clip them right onto the existing zipper, giving leverage for the boot band that was going to be installed.5319-4

Now it was time actually to fix the boot band onto the boot.

This was very easy for me to do. I just left the zipper completely open and attached the boot band to the clips that I had recently fashioned. After the boot band was properly installed, I zipped up the boot existing zipper to the bottom of the boot band.

This gave the boot much more room to fit around my calf! I wasn’t forced to return my boot and get an entirely different size! When it came time for me actually to put on the boot, it was kind of tricky, but not too bad.

I left one side of the boot band completely zipped in, and I unzipped the other side of my boot. This allowed me to slide my foot in completely and then zip up my boot! I was now ready to go! I didn’t have to buy a whole new boot!

These boot bands did the trick!5319-5

It is awesome to see that you can stretch your leather boots instead of having to buy a whole new pair of boots.

These easy tricks made it doable for me in a tight situation. I am glad that I was told about boot bands, because now, I don’t have to return my boots that aren’t fitting around the calf anymore!