How do you get the illusion of larger eyes, with makeup

How do you get the illusion of larger eyes, with makeup


One of the most coveted by women is the illusion of larger eyes, bright, seductive, without using fake eyelashes and mascara repeated layers. Such a natural look can be achieved in several stepsby creating shadows and lights with eye shadow.

Apply the makeup. Start with the eyes. Before applying makeup, makeup base spreads a sticky texture, which will take color together. If eyelid skin feel dry, use a concealer or if wet, you need a base powder to take over the moisture.

Deep eyes with a eyeliner pencil. When you want to give light eyes, you must use a dark eyeliner pencil – blue, gray oil, brown or black – the color contrast with white eye and iris. Unlike ink, pencil can be spread easily on the eyelid, and not destroy the makeup, if peeling.

You blur the line drawn by pencil eyeliner. Once you drew the line with pencil eyeliner, you need a small brush to give your look a diffuse appearance. You can finish all with the top of a stick concealer that helps to stretch the line to outer corner of eye, in a stem upward.

The effect of smokey-eyes. Now you can create shadows. Choose a pencil a shade lighter than that used for the eyelids, and outline eyelid crease. Starting in the eyebrow, spread color in “V” to the outside corners. Repeat the process this time with an ink and a similar colored eyeshadow pencil used. Overlapping textures will help you keep your makeup throughout the day. You can “exaggerate” a little makeup if the color emphasize another layer of pigment to below the brow and at the end.

Makes a little shine. Use a bright blush internal corner of the eye, until mid eyelid, for more light. Attention! Bright shadow should not overlap the dark, applied earlier.

Do not forget the lower eyelid. Although some do not like to outline the lower eyelid with the pencil, make-up artists recommend to try a faint line drawn from the middle lower eyelid to the outer corner, which must unite with the the above.

Genes, turned really! Use a mascara for volume, possibly with curved brush, to get thick and turned genes or genes returned device.

Another layer of concealer. Concealer is the commonly used to hide dark circles. The power of the coverage is due creamy texture and shade of pale. The same neutral color you can use the arch, up under the brow. If you have concealer, follow the same steps with bright white paint.

White eyeliner pencil  and transparent mascara. The two tricks used by makeup artists when they make eyes look bigger model involving a white eyeliner pencil and mascara transparency. The stylus is used to shape the internal corners of the eyes, while defines transparent mascara and eyebrows so they look natural.