Key Elements Of The Spring Wardrobe

Key Elements Of The Spring Wardrobe


The runways of Paris and New York showed some very brave style choices during Fashion Week. The runways were filled with clothing reminiscent of the past such as Bermuda Shorts and Sixties-Inspired dresses. While not everyone will jump for joy to see these fashions revived; they are easier to wear when you consider the fit, the pattern and, crucial, the accessories you pair your clothing with.

Bermuda Shorts
This year’s Fashion Week showed a wide variety of Bermuda Shorts for spring. While the Bermudas are not for ever size and shape, there are plenty of fits from which to choose so you can step out in style.

• Wear Bermuda shorts with a fitted jacket when going to work
• Wear denim Bermuda shorts with a white jacket for a more casual look
• Sandals (either flat or wedged), flats or booties are appropriate to wear when paired with Bermuda Shorts

Jag Jeans Louie Pull-On Bermuda Short Classic Twill

Jag Jeans Louie Pull-On Bermuda Short Classic Twill $59.00

Exaggerated Volume
Big is in for spring 2013 and the clothing shown on the runways prove it! Big dresses, jackets and suits were shown by Chanel and other designers of couture. When wearing extra volume clothes, take care to wear it right, or you’ll end up looking matronly (nobody wants that!)
• Wear one statement piece of large clothing such as a dress or jacket.
• Pair with slim accessories or one statement piece.
• Think small when choosing a handbag. You do not want to appear big all over.

g. KIM | Boston Fashion Week 2012

Bring Back the Sixties
The runways were rife with sixties-inspired fashion this year, and spring are the best time to wake up your wardrobe with some of these latest styles. Some of the sixties-inspired styles include:

• Bold Pattern such as big stripes on mini dresses is in this spring. Pair these patterns with smaller clutches or neutral bags so your accessories do not compete with your clothing.
• Wear sixties-inspired apparel with tinier accessories if you’re going bold. Pair a little clutch in a vibrant color or accessorize with statement sunglasses for a fresh look.
• Shoes with a pointed-toe are back this spring. Match the latest sixties-inspired dresses with a pointed-toe flat or flats with an ankle strap to update the look.

cn5895889 (1)

Kona Fit & Flare Dress

Animal Prints
The runways were rife with animal prints this year. A word of caution when wearing animal prints: a little goes a long way. Be careful not to wear animal prints all over or match animal print accessories. Wear one statement piece such as a top paired with a neutral suit or vice versa. Pair animal print shoes with a neutral suit or carries a zebra-stripe handbag to jazz up jeans and a cardigan. Remember, less is sometimes more when it comes to animal prints, and it can be easy to look overdone. Keep it simple.


animal print mini dress

It’s easy to update your closet with some of the runway-inspired spring 2013 fashions. You might have a few items tucked away from years past that you can use to update your look. Or spring for a few new pieces to incorporate with what you already have. You’ll be ready to step out in style like the fashionista you know you are.