How to match makeup with your hair color

How to match makeup with your hair color


Makeup should not be considered art if it were made at random. Although most of us do not think about art in front of the mirror, we could still make use of some secrets of the makeup artist, to get makeup to another level!

Today we talk about how to match makeup with your hair color!

I hear the skeptics: who stands to choose shades of eyeshadows and lipsticks after hair color? Or not enough that you have to pay attention to skin color or eye makeup when we do, we now have to think about the hair? Yes and no. I mean, each one of us chooses how they want. If you want to look good and know how correct pairing colors you use, you can confidently follow the tips below.

Perfect makeup requires attention to detail. The most important is hair color.

The most important thing is to choose a makeup that characterizes you think, and it highlights the facial features but also personality. No doubt that if not makeup after hair color, it will not be an end of the world. You can look right without doing this step, but you can look better if you decide to find out what it is.

The idea is that certain colors best evidence each hair color, and the results is a “whole” balanced which makes you look beautiful. So if you’re blonde, brunette or redhead you should steer towards those particular nuances that will make the difference between a regular and a flawless look.

Here are our tips on how to match makeup with your hair color!

How to match makeup with your hair color

1. How to match makeup with your hair color for blondes

Blondes look best in shades of soft pastel. On the cheeks and lips, the best colors are pale pink or peach. Intense red or coral red lipstick is very useful.

Daily makeup should put the accent on natural shades: pink eyeshadows, beige, pink blush and nude lips. Avoid black mascara, and uses one brown. For a special evening, you can experiment with shades of silver and gold for the eyes: shaping your upper eyelid with a darker gray, and on the bottom with a shiny silver. A coral blush and a not very bright lipstick will finalize the look!

For eyebrows, use a liner that is a shade darker than your natural color to define your face better. Skin tones count too, so if you have a darker skin, go earthy, but if you’re white, do not use too light colors.

2. How to match makeup with your hair color for brunettes

Brunette women are among the most versatile when it comes to makeup; they look well with most shades.

Regarding lipstick, brunettes should use stronger colors: hot pink, pink and brown, spicy red, coral, peach and should beware of very pale colors.

Emphasis should be placed on the eye, using highly pigmented eyeshadows, black eyeliner and two layers of mascara. Brown-eyed brunettes can use almost any shade of eye shadow and those with green eyes look right in shades of purple. For cheeks should be used hot pink and bronze.

3. How to match makeup with your hair color for redheads

In the case of redheads, makeup should be as natural, but does not mean to be boring. Choose eye shadow in shades of beige, caramel, honey, gold, and brown. Use a brown eyeliner to highlight your hair color and stay away from shades of peach and bronze when you choose blush.

Redheads should avoid foundation with pink or red tones because it makes the skin too reddish. The hair being still red, you will look like a carrot! What can you use? A yellow-toned base makeup, which is at the same time easy to not cover sexy freckles (if you have). Products must have a minimum SPF 15 in your case.

Avoid red or pink lipstick. If you still want to try a red lipstick, orient yourself to the blue or gold tones (apricot, peach, coral), but try them until you find one that shows off your beautiful skin. In general, however, go on nude or beige lipstick, that would be great!