What to Pack in Your Adventure Travel Bag

What to Pack in Your Adventure Travel Bag


Whether you plan on section hiking the Appalachian Trail or camping out with friends, what you pack will play a large part in how much you enjoy your adventure.

Calvin Klein Packable Jacket
Calvin Klein Packable Jacket

We’ve compiled a list of some essentials that will make your trip more comfortable and help you fully take to your final destination.

Your Favorite Toiletries

While a basic toiletries kit with essentials like toothpaste, shampoo, and feminine hygiene products is a given, don’t forget to include some of your personal favorites.

Bringing some of your home comforts can help you feel more at ease in new environments.

Also, traveling can be a stressful as it is exciting, and if you can avoid subjecting your body to new products, then you just might avoid nasty allergic reactions while on the go.

Some things to consider are:

  • Nail care products
  • Your preferred skin care regimen in travel sized packaging
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Aromatherapy items, such as essential oils or travel candles
  • Your favorite scent
  • Lip care products

Useful Gadgets

Whether your adventure includes a road trip on the main highways or heading into the wilderness day trip, having fun and useful gadgets on hand can kick up the fun factor several notches.

A GPS device is a must have if you tend to wander off the beaten path.

Or, if orienteering is more your cup of tea, grab a map or two and a compass and chart your course.

A watch will come in handy on hikes and camping trips where cell phones can’t receive a signal.

Fossil Georgia Three Hand Leather Watch - Teal
Fossil Georgia Three Hand Leather Watch – Teal

Multi-tools come in many sizes and with a broad range of accessories, and have the added benefit of fitting into any size bag or pack.

Whatever you decide will be most useful for your trip, there are gadgets for every occasion and in every price range.

Comfort & Cheer

Headed some place where the nights are cold and the days are hot?

Take comfort in layers!

Even if you’re headed to a warm location, pack a light jacket to slip on over a shirt and ward off the shivers when the temperatures take an unexpected plunge.

Camping almost demands a comfy fleece blanket to wrap around yourself at the fireside.

Kikkerland Adventure Flask
Kikkerland Adventure Flask


And a handy flask filled with your favorite spirits is the perfect complement to roasted marshmallows or conversations under the stars.

Fun & Games

Even the most exciting adventures are having lulls and downtime.

That’s where your well-appointed game kit comes in.

You don’t even have to get too creative here since the old basics are just the thing on these occasions.

Monrow Travel Blanket
Monrow Travel Blanket


We’ve compiled a quick list of activities to tuck into your pack, and you can tailor them to suit your tastes.

  • Small paperback books
  • Playing cards and dice with a little game book
  • Camera
  • Magnetic travel chess game
  • Journal
  • Sketchbook and good quality colored pencils
  • Puzzle books

Pick and choose from these essentials or bring them all.

Coach The Urbane Crossbody Bag In Pebbled Leather
Coach The Urbane Crossbody Bag In Pebbled Leather


There is something here for everyone to help you make the best of your trip.

Most importantly, wherever your adventurous spirit takes you, be curious and have fun!


  1. I always carry my canvas Toiletry Bag with me everywhere i go.

    It is light weight and so organized. I don’t have re-pack it every time I go on a trip.