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Interior doors and exterior must be chosen so as to take into account resistance in time, material and design


As purchases that are in the long term, when choosing interior or exterior doors must take into account some issues. Such as: resistance in time, material and, last but not least, the design.

The doors have a functional role of separation and union of the spaces. The doors have a significant contribution about aesthetics. This is true not only for interior doors but also of the entry, which must be in tune with the house architecture. The design is an important criterion, but the acquisition should follow their particular quality. Noise protection, thermal isolation or resistance over time, are benefits offered by a quality product. A wise choice will lead to lower paying bills because the house heat losses are at a rate of over 40% through doors and windows. Factors to consider when purchasing a door are linked, first of all, of its destination. For example, in the case of an apartment entrance doors, no matter the weather resistance, as in the case of doors for houses.

When purchasing an entry door, you must have in mind functional aspects, such as constructive system reliability (protection to weather, quality of coverage, quality hinge system, possibility of control in many directions), the degree of thermal and phonic isolation Level of safety, and aesthetic appearance (design harmonized with the architectural theme of facade of the house). In the chapter of resistance, a metal door – aluminum, steel or combinations of both – gives a high resistance and durability. Yet, without regular maintenance of the system, malfunctions will occur, and later, jams or unpleasant noises.

The material, from which is made the door can, therefore, influence the price, but the concept of production is decisive: more compromises – lower price. In the case of interior doors, color and design are necessary if we want a unified planning and balanced regarding color. To create a feeling of unity and continuity, these must be the same shade of floor and furniture, and frame – the same color as the plinth. Experts recommend one type of veneer for the doors of the house, the most various wood models have horizontal or vertical ribs. For some time, the doors are desired on both types of ribs. Classic homes are ideal for solid wood doors, with stucco. For a very modern house, glass doors are recommended. For, elegant decor, you can choose the most exquisite, crystal and leather inserts. In the case of larger homes, furnished in classical style, the stained glass doors can be used.


Usually, doors are standard sizes and fit individual goals of masonry. They should have a width ranging between 700 and 1000 mm, height 2060 mm and wall thickness of 80 mm. You can opt for door standard sizes or custom made depending on the desired sizes and colors.


Durability of the doors can reach 50 years if the following conditions:

– an indoor temperature that is not less than 10 ˚ C;
– maximum 60% humidity;
– Avoid big temperature differences between inside and outside the room (maximum 10 ˚ C).

Exterior door for house

Regarding the material of which an outer door is made, the tradition is going to wood. At rustic homes or classic, it will fit much better, a wooden door, than metal. There are and the an impediment: as any natural material, wood is influenced by temperature and the humidity conditions on the two sides of the door leaf (the one from the outside and the inside). Wood material is changed over time, differences of temperature, moisture and deforms, it is, therefore, essential, in advance, to be applied to a range of treatments. Also, thermal isolation in the wood case is weaker than in the case of metallic materials with mineral wool or polyurethane inserts.

Apartment exterior door

Ideally, the entrance door to the apartment, to meet regarding style and the color of the neighboring apartment doors. It is true, this is almost impossible in the case of the old blocks, where each tenant chooses the door depending on their tastes and budget. This unity is found, usually in new construction such as residential complexes. Factors such as sound isolation (especially in the case of apartments located at ground floor) and the security level are essential. Many homeowners buy metal doors, considering safer than wooden ones. But in nearly 90% of burglaries are affected cylinders (hubs) and the existing security systems, not the door itself.

For living, there is a broad range of doors

Although for more and more houses, is chosen the open spaces, there are owners of houses and apartments that want to separate, living from the rest of the house. Most common are the doors made from a mix from original wood finish melamine exterior, but there are other options more attractive. Very attractive are doors with metal inserts or glass. Most times, the door is chosen, in line with window joinery. Also, it can be matched, color or contrast (depending on the desired effect) with furniture or floor.

Sliding doors, a solution for small rooms

When rooms are small tricks are trying to create the impression of spaciousness. The kitchen is the case of images, which has sliding doors, made, on the system of dressing room doors. Apartment owner has chosen to do this for two reasons. First, large clear glass doors, keep ventilated space, and then this isolate the kitchen from the rest of the house, thus preventing the spread of odors in other rooms.

Interior door, in tune with style

When in a house, there are colors and the stylistic unity, we can say that planning is a success. To achieve this, it takes ingenuity and adaptability. Owner bedroom in the picture wanted a classical decor, and this condition was the first designer had to take into account. It was necessary that the door, although ancient, to be maintained and the overhauled so as not to “break” the overall picture of the interior.

Get advice from an architect for house project: Why?


There are many people who avoid to seek the services of an architect when they want to build a house in the desire to save money. But it’s good to know that hiring an architect is a good investment, because it can conceive a project of the house very well put together, you actually help you save.

Here are some of the most important benefits that it brings you an architect:

An architect will think about building his house on the number of family members and necessary needs, so it will not allocate a larger space than that required for each room. A great home involves huge maintenance costs so it is recommended to use a specialist for advice regarding the surface and a house subdivision. An architect will take into account your needs and tastes of your family and will give you a personalized project.

He will not sell a project but will propose a ready-made according to the aspects mentioned. It will give you advice regarding construction materials, and propose those that fit your budget and your project. An architect has the experience gained during previous projects so it can offer the best advice and can help you save time.

In addition, you can check the work already performed, or talk to people for whom he worked to find the quality of services provided by architect. Most of those who want to build homes, require complex projects, with balconies and modern architecture avoiding simple ones that seem trivial. But this is reflected in the final cost. An architect can advise you to select special finish for a simple project, so you save money and your home will be customized, even if you have a simple architecture.

Architects calculate their fees by referring to the built area and complexity. But the price can be obtained through negotiation. Also, an architect will also help and advise regarding the documents necessary construction and it will check records of approvals and agreements.

Body shape types explained


Even if one of the most important rules in fashion is the choice of clothing by body shape, difference between forms is not easy for everyone. Once you know exactly what your body shape, you can more easily choose the right clothes, to put your asset’s worth and to distract attention from the parties which are not completely satisfied. Start by sitting naked in front of the mirror with arms extended sideways. If you have not cleared yet, you need some measurements: chest, waist, hips.

Measure chest circumference at mid-chest. Do not forget to exhale before you measure it for accuracy. Then proceed with the waist measurement, whose circumference should be measured two inches above the navel. Balances should be measured at the point where they are larger, just above the gluteal muscles. After you’ve made the first measurements, it’s time to turn to mathematics. If the chest is more than 5% wider than the hips, then your body shape is the triangle.


If the balance exceeds the circumference of the chest with more than 5%, then your body shape is the inverted triangle, or pear. Your body has a rectangular shape, if the difference between the chest and hip measurement is less than 5% and size by at least 25% lower than the highest value of the other two. Leaving aside the arithmetic, rectangular shape is most easily observed when the shoulders and hips were about the same width.


If the values of chest and hips are relatively small compared to the size, your body is shaped like a diamond. When size exceeds both thighs and chest, your body has an oval shape, the shape of an apple. A thin waist combined with large chest and hips creates the hourglass figure, the most appreciated in the fashion world.

Once you know which is your body shape, you’ll be able to highlight the good parts, blurring the contours of your body discontent you’ll spend less time probing inappropriate clothing stores.

Steps you need to follow when you want to create a Zen garden


A Zen garden is a spiritual refuge that can be placed in any space and can vary from a very large garden, to a corner of it, and even an arrangement inside the house that is not larger than a picture.

Here are the steps you need to follow when you want to create a Zen garden:

Set size

Before you start working, decide how big you want to be Zen garden, and the place where you will fit. So think, if you want to achieve a Zen garden outdoors or if you want to create one inside your home.

Create a box frame

If you opt for a small Zen garden or inside a house, it is imperative to build a box with sides about 5 inches tall. In this case, place sand and / or gravel to create the Zen garden.

Basically you just need a wooden board (may be pale) and four equal pieces, which to mount them as walls.

Customize box

After you have mounted the box, you can leave as is, or you can customize as you wish. Decorate it with dry leaves, tied around a satin ribbon or paint it in different patterns and colors. Be sure to take into account the place where to install the Zen garden, and this mold perfectly to the scenery.


Start Planning

After you have added sand and gravel, make sure it is level, and then add the large stones in places where you want. You can change the positioning stones whenever you want.

After you have placed stones, draw with rake, the model you want. Can you, circle stones, can make various windings, or other signs that delight you. You can change these models whenever you feel necessary.

Fast house cleaning tips


Do you like to have the house clean and get used always to be quite meticulous in this regard? Perhaps you’re often exhausted after you’ve held for several hours cleaning the house. Thus, it is good to know some tips to cut the time and effort to aspirate, dusters, or arranging clothing.

Here are nine tips:

1. Avoid undesirable agglomeration of furniture and try to keep as much space. Cancel all the things you no longer use. Get rid of them, sell them or donate them if you never use them.

2. Use boxes and drawers to store small objects. Also, before storing them in drawers, place jewelry and other little things in bags to avoid losing them.

3. Collect things scattered in the house. Do not let dirt come together because it will be harder to clean.

4. Use hooks for doors and cabinets to hang towels, clothes, etc.. Thus, you create more space in closets.

5. Use vacuum weekly. Use a vacuum cleaner for floors, upholstery and curtains, as such, more time will keep clean. Do not forget to clean the vacuum cleaner air filters every two months.

6. Wash the windows regularly. Use a special solution for windows, or water and vinegar.

7. Ventilate the house every day to enjoy fresh air and sunlight. Thus, you will treat vitamin D deficiencies in the body.

8. Invest in articles and efficient products to clean house. That will help keep your house clean for longer and prolong the life of furniture and personal belongings.

9. Rugs are easier to clean than carpet and large mats. Can be easily removed and shaken or vacuumed. Also, your home will look airier.

Galet USB stick by Christofle and LaCie


Sharing creative passion and demand for perfection, the Christofle and LaCie have joined their talents to create an innovative USB key.

The result is a USB 4GB, silver metal, which adopts the form of a pebble for the greatest pleasure. A real gem pocket, playful and surprising, which is love to have with you in any circumstances.

Galet USB stick by Christofle and LaCie
Galet USB stick by Christofle and LaCie
Galet USB stick by Christofle and LaCie
Galet USB stick by Christofle and LaCie
Galet USB stick by Christofle and LaCie
Galet USB stick by Christofle and LaCie

When functionality and beauty are one …

Dutch countryside Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects


Hofman Dujardin Architects have designed a Dutch countryside villa, not common at all. At first glance, what seems only a archetypal house, composed of a simple parallelepiped, and a simple roof, turns into a complex composition, in terms of space and light, and at the same time, is the study of functions of a modern house.

Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects
Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects
Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects
Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects

The villa was designed for a businessman and his family. Seen as a home, the house is easy to analyze, according to architects. Bedrooms and bathrooms are located in the basement, while living, dining and kitchen areas are crossing the floor. At the next level, much more intimate than others, due to the shape of the roof, was created a study area. The space benefits from indirect light that is generated by the composition of glass and ground floor openings with a height of on two floors, which seems, rather, a mezzanine. This results in a house which, despite very pronounced geometry seems more spacious than larger and more welcoming than cold.

Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects
Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects
Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects
Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects

However, construction is more than a house. First of all, as a result of different but complementary desires of the client and architect, the project proved to be a complex analysis. There is an angle of view on major axis direction of the house, which crosses the house along the “trench” of concrete, which defines the spatiality of the project. This effect is enhanced by movement of the two stairs. Both stairs start from the basement, and one of them is continuing up to the attic.

Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects
Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects
Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects
Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects
Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects
Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects

The project can be seen as a modern interpretation of a classical plan, specific to the Renaissance period, which allows revealing the essence of the project. Channel crossing building, and orientation of rooms, to the garden is the obvious assertion of the importance of quality of light and space created. In this regard, the orientation of rooms, becomes clear as the organization of space and light for a strong effect.