How A Pedometer Can Greatly Help Your Fitness Plan

How A Pedometer Can Greatly Help Your Fitness Plan


Walking and running are a great form of exercise that everyone should be doing at some point. It is recommended that people aged 19-64 should be doing at least 150 minutes of exercise per week, which is 30 minutes for five days a week; this doesn’t sound too bad, does it? To help you with your goals, you should invest in a little pedometer and find out how you can improve your fitness plan.

What is a Pedometer?

This little device counts the number of steps you walk and run each day; it is recommended that you walk 10,000 steps per day, so a pedometer can help you achieve this goal. It is a simple device that can be worn all day and you will probably forget it is even there. You can clip it on first thing in the morning and take it off the last thing at night.

Why is it Useful?

A pedometer lets you know how active you are during your day, and this will easily allow you to set targets for yourself on a daily basis. It is also a great idea if you are thinking about starting a health diary to monitor your daily activity.

When Can You Use it?

You can use your pedometer anytime you want to. You can just use it when you go out for a run, or you can use it starting first thing in the morning and take a look at the end of the day to see what you have done and whether you have reached the daily goal you have set yourself.

You can comfortably wear a pedometer all day and just around the house if you want to.

Pros of Using a Pedometer

–          Pedometers are cheap; they are a cheap way of keeping track of your daily activity.

–          They are extremely easy to use, so you won’t have to waste time figuring it out.

–          It will prompt you to exercise and lose weight because you will easily be able to set yourself targets.

–          They are little and light devices, so they will not bother you during the day.

So is Using a Pedometer Good For You?

If you are interested in exercise and fitness, or you just want to lose weight, then a pedometer will be great for you! You can keep track of every movement you make on a daily basis, you can then record this information, and you can set yourself a goal for the next day. Why not try the 10,000 steps challenge?