Sorel Joan of Arctic Winter Boots - Waterproof (For Women)

Picking the Perfect Pair of Women Winter Boots

Winter is upon us, and that means cold days, colder nights, and a treacherously beautiful landscape filled with all the sights, sounds, and smells of the holiday season, not to mention ice, slush covered puddles, and any number of other seasonal hazards that make picking the right pair of women winter boots a necessity.

Sorel Joan of Arctic Winter Boots - Waterproof (For Women)
Sorel Joan of Arctic Winter Boots – Waterproof (For Women)


Fashion, of course, plays a part in the decision – no woman likes strapping on clunky or outmoded footwear – but it should be far from the only consideration.

Rather, the acquisition of the best pair of women winter boots involves the examination of several criteria.

Not to worry though, one quick read through this blog post will give you all the information you need to not only look fabulous this winter, but also to stay warm, safe, and comfortable, and all from the ground up.

Let’s get started!


When it comes to women’s footwear in general, and particularly to the winter variety, the simple fact is that form must follow function for best results.

One of the most common complaints regarding women winter boots is that the wrong pair can make the wearer feel as if she’s walking, driving, shopping, and so on not in boots, but in the set piece of a mob movie.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Winter Ankle Booties
MICHAEL Michael Kors Winter Ankle Booties

Consider, therefore, the tasks that you’ll be undertaking while in your boots.

Are they suited to one another?

A pair of concrete galoshes masquerading as winter footwear, for instance, can not only be unflattering or uncomfortable, they can also be very unsafe for things like driving (it helps to be able to feel one’s foot on the gas!).

Likewise, shoes with poor design or construction can leave a girl with cold feet, and as every woman knows, that’s no fun at all.


It has often been said that quality, speed, and price are the three opposing forces in any commodity.

A girl can get her shoes quickly and cheaply if she doesn’t mind poor quality, but that’s a strategy best avoided if you can help it, especially in winter.

So what, then?

Timberland Women's Mount Holly Lace-Up Knee-High Boot
Timberland Women’s Mount Holly Lace-Up Knee-High Boot

Well, it might cost more or take longer, but women winter footwear of good quality is worth every extra cent or stretched out delivery window.

After all, a good pair of winter shoes will serve a woman well for years.

Once quality becomes the main (or at least close to the main) concern in picking out one’s next pair of shoes, the question often shifts to “Ok, what do I look for?”.

It’s a fair question, and one with an easy answer!

A good pair of women winter boots should be of solid, comfortable, useful construction.

In general, that means you don’t want them too bulky or too thin (see the point about shoes mated to specific tasks).

It also means that when a shoe claims magnificent, near magical levels of waterproofing, that claim should be taken with a grain of salt, because “waterproof” is a term whose definition tends to become hazy when applied to women winter footwear. As the saying goes, trust, but verify.

United Nude Winter Eros Curved Heel Booties
United Nude Winter Eros Curved Heel Booties

Finally, you want to make sure that in whatever shoes you end up picking, the so-called danger areas have been given adequate attention.

Eyelets (the little holes for the shoelaces), seams and gaps which are a necessary part of the shoe, and anything that needs a zipper are magnets for drafts, splashes, and other uncomfortable winter issues.

Your shoes will have at least one of these components / danger areas, so make sure they’ve been addressed!


One final point to cover in the selection of the perfect pair of women winter boots is what happens after they’re bought!

Everyone reading this article knows their shoe size, but it isn’t always as straightforward as you might think – European sizes differ from American ones, for instance, and the sizes of tailored or specialized footwear can differ even further.

Tecnica Women's Skandia Fur Cold Weather Fashion Boot
Tecnica Women’s Skandia Fur Cold Weather Fashion Boot

Something else that is often not even considered, but which can have keenly felt repercussions, is the issue of pre-existing layers.

Those thick wool socks from grandma or your habit of tucking your pants into your shoes can drastically alter your size requirements.

Ask for help in picking out the right size shoe if you’re unsure how to proceed.

Your feet will thank you!


While picking out the perfect pair of women boots is clearly not a simple, thoughtless task (we are talking about women and shoes, after all!), it need not be something that confuses or distresses.

Merona Women Winter Boots Nikko Snow Black
Merona Women Winter Boots Nikko Snow Black

In fact, this guide should put readers well on their way to getting into a pair that will make them feel stylish, comfortable, and quite pleased with their purchases.

Stay warm, ladies with Women Winter Boots!