The most relaxing essential oils: lavender and orange

The most relaxing essential oils: lavender and orange


Perhaps it will take some time before the sun will stretch us and make us forget all about this winter. To soothe the senses, I invite you to a feast that works every time with the most relaxing essential oils. Lavender and Orange, two of the most beloved extracts which when combined, spread into the air a fantastic smell.

The combination of orange and lavender essential oil has a sedative effect, both being relaxed, calm and sleepy. Orange leaves favors a protein that is secreted in the brain when something entertains you and lavender stimulate the body to produce calming chemicals. Being volatile the essential oil in cosmetic products affect olfactory centers in the brain that emit brain waves associated with relaxation.

The most relaxing pure essential oils are valuable elements because it takes many plants to produce them.

The most relaxing essential oils lavender and orange

The good thing is that it only takes a few drops of your shower gel or body oil to be special, and you can treat yourself with. Also, this combination stimulates blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.


Relaxing talking about has a name: Relaxation. E by Kiotis, a brand of cosmetics based on pure essential oils, created by Jacques Rocher from admiration for traditional producers and concern for the environment. The methods used to create cosmetics is taken from old cosmetics and perfumery traditions, enhanced by laboratory research, and cultures are widespread in the world because, like the vine, are sensitive to the land on which they are planted and climate. Lavender comes from French fields, and the leaves are collected on Bigaradier Petit Grain orange plantations from Paraguay.

I propose alternatives for body care with essential oils of lavender and orange leaves:


Relaxing massage with lavender oil from Weleda spread scent and warmth from Provence, relaxing the body and soul and being very efficient for sleep. Natural empyreal oils are the most valuable components of lavender, flower of light and heat. I recommend you try it after a warm and soothing bath, massaging it on the body, from the bottom up.

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Soap Orange Sanguine, from Atelier Cologne, is ideal for those who love the flavor of juicy orange. For skin comfort, it is enriched with aloe vera and shea butter. It is fresh, clean, soft and smells fantastic!