The Secret To Eternal Youth – Turn Back The Clock With These...

The Secret To Eternal Youth – Turn Back The Clock With These Age-Reversing Ideas


I recently celebrated a birthday. According to my birth certificate, I turned 40, according to my reflection in the mirror my birth certificate is a damned dirty liar. If you ask me, I don’t look a day over 29. Okay, maybe 33 on days when I’m feeling haggard. Age is just a number. I look and feel young because of an active lifestyle and sensible eating habits. 

The fact is, I’m terrible at guessing ages, but that goes with the territory around here. Hawaii is known for its healthy, spry, and ageless population. Some say it’s the peaceful scenery, others say it’s the fantastic weather, I say it’s the abundant food grown in fertile soil. There’s nothing quite so good for a body as fresh food.

The Home Turf Advantage

Everything in Hawaii is on an incline. The big island itself is just a giant volcano that gets bigger every year. No matter where I go, I’m either traveling uphill or downhill, making the terrain something like a very scenic elliptical machine.

5 Ways to Turn Back Time

  • Vigorous Exercise – Personal trainers like to call this high-intensity interval training, but that’s just a fancy way of saying run as fast as you can as often as you can. Short bursts of intense energy burning will keep your heart and lungs working in optimal condition. You’ll also enjoy greater calorie burning and an increased sense of vitality. More of a couch potato? Start small with a brisk walk that leaves you winded but not gasping desperately for air.
  • Healthy Diet – A healthy diet is essential to maintaining a youthful, glowing appearance. For natural energy, consume a diet consists primarily of raw fruits, veggies, greens, nuts and seeds. Reaching for food that is free from processing, labels, and excess packaging is the best way to know you’re getting all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs. If consuming a whole food, plant-based diet, little should be required in the way of additional supplements, though some calcium and omega-3’s may be beneficial in a diet that lacks the daily recommendation of these essential nutrients.
  • Spirituality and Bliss – As often as you recommend to your friends that they take some time to relax and enjoy a spa day, how often do you follow that same advice? The buildup of stress hormones in our bodies can be as toxic as cancer, often leading to immune deficiencies and illness. Why wait until you’re bedridden to enjoy a rest, start meditating and enjoying hobbies right now.
  • Time with Friends – Just as it’s vital to take the time to yourself and enjoy a bit of “me time” once in awhile, it’s equally important to visit with friends. Hanging with friends offers the opportunity to vent about your experiences in a safe, supportive environment. Simply being able to release in this manner creates the ability to go and face another day. We all need someone to be goofy with, one good friend is great, and a full dozen is even better. Consider starting a monthly potluck as a way of getting some friend-time included in your busy schedule.
  • Laughter Equals Longevity – A positive mindset keeps illness at bay, and laughter truly is the best medicine. A great deal of stress is self-induced, which means we have the ability to flip that switch in a different direction. When you feel the response stress starting, take a step back and evaluate the situation. If it’s something that’s out of your control (like an unexpected traffic jam) don’t stress yourself into a frenzy, just find something more pleasant to pass the time until the situation passes.

Community is Key

For me, the secret to eternal youth revealed itself when I took the time to remember all the things that made me laugh with all the abandon of a child. As a result I looked for work that felt like play, found hobbies that reminded me of the crafty things we did at summer camp, started using mashed bananas as a nutrient rich facial treatment and turned to more pragmatic approaches to my health including natural skin care remedy. Being active, eating well, and enjoying the company of friends keeps me feeling and looking young, it can work for you too.