Silhouette Glasses Trend Hitting The Catwalks

Silhouette Glasses Trend Hitting The Catwalks


As seen on the catwalks, Silhouette glasses fashion is a big trend. While an entirely white outfit can be tricky to master, using silhouette accessories you can give your outfit a fresh update. Check out these fashionable silhouette glasses styles to follow the trend this season.

Prescription Silhouette Glasses

Prescription Silhouette glasses are most popularly worn in muted shades of black or tortoiseshell as people aim to keep their eyewear as discreet as possible. However, the new trend for Silhouette glasses can be both minimal, discreet and fun.

Boss Boss0384 white shape glasses

The Boss0384 glasses are stylish semi-rimless frames in a flattering rounded rectangular shape. With white slender arms, this frame offers a sporty take on the feminine white trend. With its semi-rimless design, the Boss0384 is minimal and discreet while using white to showcase this striking pattern.

Silhouette Glasses Trend Hitting The Catwalks


Boss Glasses Boss0384

Alexander McQueen AMQ4142

For a more feminine take on the white pattern, the AMQ4142 frames would be perfect. With a bold rectangular frame and stylish curved arms, this frame would make a bold fashion statement, while remaining chic and sophisticated with white acetate.

New White Eyewear Trend Hitting The Catwalks 1


Alexander McQueen Glasses AMQ4142

Carrera CA6162 silhouette glasses

Taylor Swift and Rita Ora are both fans of white cat-eye frames and it’s no surprise considering the effortlessly stylish and retro design. The Carrera CA6162 feature retro cat-eye shaped frames with straight arms crafted in pure white acetate. The details are kept minimal for a seamless, clean finish. Unlike some cat-eye frame styles, the CA6162 is subtle, making it ideal for everyday wear.

Carrera CA6162


Carrera CA6162

Silhouette Sunglasses

White silhouette sunglasses can be considered a subtle style to master because the combination of dark tinted lenses and white frame is bold and striking. As seen on new style icon, Emma Watson and TV star, Rachel Bilson, it’s clear that the white trend is here to stay and can add a fun retro twist to your outfit.

Adidas Silhouette Sunglasses Raylor A404

While ultimately designed for sports enthusiasts with a passion for cycling, athletics and running, the Raylor sports silhouette sunglasses by Adidas offers a sleek, contemporary frame style in sporty white acetate. The innovative design is engineered for optimum performance quality to produce the ultimate in hybrid sporting eyewear. The wraparound visor shape is both comfortable and stylish, and the sleek white frame is versatile enough to be worn every day.

Adidas Sunglasses Raylor A404

Adidas Sunglasses Raylor A404

Prada Sunglasses PR20LS

The PR20LS by Prada are bold silhouette sunglasses with an oversized round frame. With a thick acetate frame and straight arms in a soft white, these feminine frames would make an elegant pair of summer sunglasses. With a dark gray lens tint, they would offer 100% UV protection and provide a stylish addition to any spring/summer outfit.

Pair your new white frames with a beautiful summer dress or skinny jeans and ballet pumps for an easy transition into spring. A new pair of white silhouette glasses or sunglasses could transform your outfit and provide the spring update you’ve been looking for.

New White Eyewear Trend Hitting The Catwalks 3


Prada Sunglasses PR20LS

Choosing silhouette sunglasses depending on face and design

It is vital when choosing silhouette sunglasses to choose quality lenses that have an excellent UV rays protection. Lenses can be plastic or glass and may have different retina protective capacity. The difference between two lenses types is that the glass is cheaper, but scratch and break more easily than plastic. Plastic along with properties listed before have the advantage that are lighter than glass.

Lenses may have different glass shades from white to yellow, brown, green, blue, red and plain black or reflexive, but it should be noted that the intensity of color has nothing to do with protection. Security represents a filter that is built into the lens.

People who wear silhouette glasses can protect eyes from UV rays, opting for dimming lenses that change color depending on light intensity, to which can add anti-reflection.

When you buy silhouette sunglasses, along with protection, you must consider choosing a format of glasses to suit your face shape. If you have an oval face, you may find that you are a lucky person because this type of facial contour fits almost any form of glasses.

Regarding design, large, colored silhouette sunglasses with original shapes and prints are in trends.

For people with round face is recommended an extended format with rectangular frames, such as to give a feeling of stretching. If you have a face with a square form, an oval frame will reduce straight jaw lines.

For the elongated face, large frames are perfectly matched, and for people facing heart-shaped silhouette sunglasses with a wide top and narrow down lenses would be ideal.

When choosing sunglasses, you should keep in mind the hair color and skin tone to highlight your beauty.

Silhouette sunglasses are more than a fad or accessory. They are an investment for the health of your eyes, and you can wear with pleasure.

Silhouette Sunglasses with retro design notes

New silhouette sunglasses express the future through a retro design notes. Along with a classic coat or pleated dress, become an indispensable accessory of the season.

Sunglasses with retro design notes

Sunglasses with retro design notes


A bold choice is all you need.

You can try more pronounced retro versions from Miu Miu, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Thierry Lasry or Selima Optique:

Prada Retro Sunglasses

Louis Vuitton

Thierry Lasry

Linda Farrow for Prabal Gurung

The Row