How A Simple Summer Diet Gave Me My Dream Body and Improved...

How A Simple Summer Diet Gave Me My Dream Body and Improved My Life


Last summer, I finally came to the end of my rope. After giving birth to my son two years before, the scale kept creeping up higher and higher. I was 160 pounds; my clothes wouldn’t fit anymore, and there was no way I was going to be seen in a bathing suit. My husband wanted to plan a romantic getaway for our anniversary at the end of the season, giving me the motivation I needed. I was going to stick to a summer diet as a present to myself and my husband. I vowed to myself, “Bikini body, here I come.”

My Summer Diet Plan

I decided to make it simple by choosing the right foods. My cupboards and refrigerator went on an overhaul. I got rid of frozen and processed foods. Anything with high sugar and sodium content was out. Junk food disappeared. My family had to adjust, but they wanted to help me to reach my goals and supported the changes. I started using fresh produce, lean proteins, low-fat dairy, and whole grains. When it came to fat, I opted for healthy sources, such as tree nuts, avocado, and olive oil.

I experimented with many different recipes and had fun preparing tasty, healthy dishes. I found that another plus to a summer diet was being able to cook on the grill. It was a great way to get the flavor I wanted without the dressings and cooking oil I might have used on the stove. I could toss anything on the barbecue, with vegetables on skewers to fish and meat, and spice up all of our meals.How A Simple Summer Diet Gave Me My Dream Body and Improved My Life

It’s All About Portion Control

I listened to the experts and realized I had to pay attention to portion control. I’d once seen a country singer who spoke about her diet, explaining how she ate several, tiny meals a day, rather than three, large ones. I decided to give it a go. I used a saucer for every meal. Anything that could not fit on the saucer was something I didn’t need. I planned on having light meals at the normal times each day as well as small snacks in between. I discovered that I kept hunger at bay and maintained good energy levels as well while my metabolism picked up the pace.

Stay Hydrated

I’d heard the recommendation to drink eight to ten glasses of water a day, so I did as I was told. To make it easier on myself, I filled four, sixteen-ounce water bottles and left them in the fridge overnight. Every day, I made sure I drank all four by the time I went to bed. Sometimes, I’d have more than four, depending on my mood. If I wanted variety, I’d add a slice of lemon or orange for some zest. It flushed my system. Using ice water was an added plus, giving my metabolism another boost.

My summer diet wasn’t hard. I didn’t need to buy expensive food or hire a trainer. By eating right and getting physically active, the pounds melted away. When it was time to go on our anniversary trip, my summer diet plan paid off. I had to shop for a new wardrobe, and the bikini was the first thing I bought!