Sneakers: wearing trends

Sneakers: wearing trends


Sneakers have become integral and essential part of fashion in contemporary culture. Comfortable, nonconformist, cute and full of originality, sneakers did, and still do, history.

This season they are more beloved than ever, especially prove to be a successful investment for any wardrobe: can be worn both in summer and in winter, can be matched with sports outfits as well as casual-chic. You can choose the model that fits your personality and wardrobe.

Animal prints sneakers

Looks like animal print captures the sneaker world and reptile skin or the leopard inserts offers extraordinary versatility to sneakers, quickly matching in sports outfit, casual but casual-chic and eccentric.

Boot Sneakers

Boot sneakers can be placed in classics. Occurred simultaneously with the simple but have not lost the charm. Are worn in all seasons, even in winter you can find furry models are equally comfortable and as easy to match. For the warm season, you can opt for models with bright prints.

Long sneakers

Nonconformists and somewhat reborn in the 90s, long shaped sneakers high boots are not so easy to match but offer a distinct color casual-chic style punk. This year’s the model is trendy worn with tights or leggings.

Sneakers without laces

Going on the idea of slip-on, easy to draw up, sneakers without laces model began to take shape for several seasons. Espadrilles idea was already present but appeared only lack models described laces. So you can choose the classic sneakers, but no laces, or a classic espadrille model.

Immortal Classics

Simple sneakers in canvas, renowned Converse All Stars are what we call traditional. And this classic is worn more than ever, either the same model that made history either reborn with unique details such as creative combinations of colors, ribbons or small metal inserts.