Stop Struggling to Find Women Narrow Shoes

Stop Struggling to Find Women Narrow Shoes


If you are looking for women narrow shoes, there are many things to consider before rushing out and purchasing a pair of shoes that will not fit properly. What woman doesn’t like to go to shoe shopping? Most women do unless you are someone that has a hard time getting shoes to fit properly.

From wide width to narrow width to everything in between, how is a woman supposed to know what she’s shopping for anymore?

It doesn’t matter if you are buying dress shoes, casual shoes, sandals or sneakers; there are so many selections to consider, especially if you don’t know the difference between narrow and a slim fit.



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The first step to buying the perfect shoes is to have your feet measured. Believe it or not, the older you get, the more your shoe size changes. Whatever your shoe size was last year or even the year before may have changed due to weight loss or gain for example. And yes, the older you get, the more shrinking there is.

There are many reasons your shoe size could have changed.

When shopping for women narrow shoes you must also make sure to measure the width of your foot and not just from the heel to the tip of your big toe; just as you would when measuring for wider width shoes.

If you purchase a regular width shoe, and you have a narrow foot, then the footwear will cause rubbing, blisters or even come off when you take a step. That’s the last thing you need.

Luckily for you there are options for narrow feet; boots, heels, evening shoes, sandals and yes, even golf shoes, all need to fit properly.

So what is the difference between women narrow shoes and slim-fitting shoes? Well, besides comfort there is only a “slim” difference. Excuse the pun. Having a small and narrow foot is almost the same thing except that women tight shoes are typically for a tinier foot whereas a slim fitting shoe will better fit a person with a long and slender foot.



The next time you are in a shoe store, find a representative to assist you in measuring your feet. This will make it easier for future reference when ordering shoes online, which can sometimes be a task, all on its own.

It is recommended to have them measured at least once a year if not every other year.

Use that funny metal looking thing at the shoe store; it’s used to measure the length of your foot, but it can also measure the width and the arch as well.

To determine your right women narrow shoes size, be sure not to skip any part of your foot that can be measured. Since you may or may not know the numerical size associated with your shoe size, keep in mind that knowing the width is just as important. Typically the widths are determined by letters, so again, knowing the width is important for that accurate fit.