Students fashion: good outlook in 10 minutes

Students fashion: good outlook in 10 minutes


Maybe you should stop trying. Student fashion is mainly something that the students with more money than brains have to worry about. You are young and free; you have the rest of your life being caught up in the trends. However, if you would like to know a few ways to look good quickly then here are some tips.

The cold covers all sins

When it is winter and cold outside, you have an instant “get out of jail free” card when it comes to fashion. Wear a large black coat with a hood, with jeans or black trousers, and trainers or shoes that are a dark color. If you are a woman then brush your hair, tie it, up and then keep your hood up.

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Even when you pull your hood down, people are not going to expect your hair to look movie star gorgeous because you have just had your hood up. The same goes for men who don’t want to style their hair because the same rules apply for men too. You don’t have to worry about looking buff or looking fat because your big coat will cover all sins, and your dark trousers will help you to look evened-out.

Wear a hat if you are too short

Worried about being too short? If you are a woman then make sure you wear heels all the time. You don’t have to wear 3-inch heels (although it wouldn’t hurt). If you are a man, then it is time to start wearing a hat. Take a look at some of the hats that Samuel L Jackson wears or the ones that Brad Pitt wears in his movies.

Yellow and black will always work

Just make sure that you wear black shoes or trainers (this isn’t the eighties after all). Loud and deep yellow will always look good against black. It also means that if you buy a few yellow pieces then you can throw them with your black clothes when you wish. You may think the same for black and white, but black and white is sometimes difficult to pull off and the white always looks a bit “off” after you wash it. Mother Nature got it right when she invented bees, and just so long as you do not have yellow or black polka dots then you will be okay.

Don’t be afraid of polyester

It may look cheap in some outfits, but that is only if you buy cheap outfits. There are some excellent, very high quality and even very expensive polyester outfits on the market. They are warm, breathable and do not pose a fire risk in the same way that 1990’s polyester did. Designers such as Nicolas Ghesquière, Talbot Runhof, and Alexander Wang use it all the time, and the label Akris say that modern polyester is the most technologically advanced material ever produced, beating out the technological advancements that lead to micro-fiber and super-light Kevlar. There are lots of reasonably priced garments you can pick up, which will keep you warm, and even waterproof, on many occasions. Plus they are easy to wash and dry.