Stylish Summer Dresses With Sleeves Solved All My Warm Weather Needs

Stylish Summer Dresses With Sleeves Solved All My Warm Weather Needs


It’s summer time again, and I want to make sure my clothes are both up to date and stylish, but I’m not really into the skimpy outfits, especially strapless dresses or tank tops.

Not only do I feel exposed, but I do burn quickly in the sun, especially my shoulders.

Once I started to look around, I was surprised at all the choices available in summer dresses with sleeves that still look quite stylish.

When preparing my wardrobe for summer, I like to include a few dresses.

The best ones will look just as good walking along the beach as they do at an afternoon wedding. My problem is that most of the today’s fashions lean towards the little spaghetti strap dresses.

I have never felt comfortable in these, and I believe that if a person doesn’t feel good they won’t look good.

My solution was to look into what is available in summer dresses with sleeves.

One option I came across was long sleeved shirt dresses.

They can be worn with a belt, and the sleeves can be slid up for a wonderfully casual look.

It sounds as if they are more suited to fall, but with so many colors and hem lengths to choose from, they are just as ideal for the summer months. 9 & Co. has many in softer colors and shorter skirts.

Stylish Summer Dresses With Sleeves Solved All My Warm Weather Needs

I also found that a ¾ length sleeve can work wonders.

My shoulders and upper arms are protected from the sun, and if I choose a dress in a lighter color, they can feel cooler than many black sundresses do.

Several that I found were made with a collar and button front.

This makes the dress well suited for work as well as an evening out.

When shopping for a summer dresses with sleeves, I discovered many of the traditional warm weather choices that had a regular short sleeve on them.

This style of sleeve is found on everything from the most casual to very formal styles.

It also solves all my dilemmas, and can be incorporated into an updated look quite easily.

Simply Vera Wang has several to pick from.

For those tired of sleeveless dresses, stores are starting to offer many options.

Jackets or sweaters to wear over a sundress are everywhere.

I like this choice because there are numerous colors to match up to any dress.

Knitted sweaters and either lace or sheer jackets work nicely for this.

Stylish Summer Dresses With Sleeves Solved All My Warm Weather Needs 2

Of all my choices, I like the cap sleeves best.

They maintain that light and breezy look while still covering my shoulders.

Some are made of the same material as the dress while others are in matching the sheer fabric.

With that little bit of covering, I feel much more confident in today’s styles.

In the end, I discovered that I don’t have to skip the latest styles to wear a dress this season.

The summer dresses with sleeves both solved my problem and looked up to date. They come in a multitude of colors that are perfect for warmer months, and with the shorter hemlines they are ideal.

I can wear a dress that reflects the latest style without feeling uncomfortable or worrying about getting sunburn.