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Stylish wedding buns hairstyles with floral accessories and hair pins

Buns are without a doubt the top choices when it comes to wedding hairstyles. Simple, with curls or braids, accessorized with flowers, sparkling tiara or hairpins, they are an expression of elegance and glamour style!

Wedding simple buns or curls

In terms of hairstyles for the bride, you can opt primarily for single coils or loops, depending on your preferences but also the style that fits chosen wedding dress. Are ultra stylish!

Wedding buns with braids

Braids are all the rage for this year, so choose with confidence a bun with braids for wedding day. Perfect for modern people who are not afraid to try something new even in this very special day!

Wedding buns with floral accessories

If you choose a wedding bun, do not forget that you can add them floral accessories to turn it into a romantic and ultra feminine hairstyle!

Wedding buns with bright accessories

Pebbles shiny accessories like clips, hair pins with beads or pearls, tiaras are perfect for bringing a touch of shine to hair dress. Choose wedding buns with glamorous accessories if you want to be a glam wedding!