Tote Bag Shopping Tips

Tote Bag Shopping Tips


In this article, I will be talking about a problem that I recently had with my favorite tote bag. I will cover exactly what the problem was and how I went about resolving the problem. There were a few steps that had to be taken to get to the desired resolution, and I will explain those as well. I won’t be naming the exact brand of the tote bag that I had the problem with as it wouldn’t be right, but my problem involved a manufacturer’s defect.

I purchased a tote bag earlier this year because I needed something to carry the many different things I bring with me while on the road each day and I needed it to be water resistant. I found the perfect tote and fell in love with it instantly. It was very spacious and claimed to keep moisture from getting to everything inside. Needless to say, the very first time I took it with me, and it rained, the moisture began soaking in from the sides. Everything inside got wet.Tote Bag Shopping Tips 1

I was pretty upset and needed to find a resolution. I immediately contacted the online store that I purchased the bag from and began hitting walls with each of the customer service representatives that I spoke with. The first customer service representative said that they couldn’t do anything about the problem and tried to leave it at that. I was not going to be satisfied with being left to purchase another expensive tote bag when it was obviously a manufacturer’s defect, so I asked to speak with a supervisor.

I waited on hold for longer than I would have usually expected but I was not happy with my favorite tote being damaged. After about a 20-minute wait, a supervisor finally came on, and I had to explain my situation all over again. This conversation went back and forth for 15 minutes and seemed to get nowhere. I kept getting excuse after excuse with no resolution in sight, but I was determined to make them pay for their mistake. I finally gave up with the supervisor and asked to speak with someone a little higher up on the chain as a manager.

I was placed on hold once again and for just as long as the hold for the supervisor, but I waited. I was even more frustrated than when I had begun this whole ordeal but as stubborn as I am; I was not giving up. A manager finally came on after a 10-minute wait and was as polite as can be. The only problem was that the manager didn’t seem to have a solution either. After going over my problem for the third time in a row I was tired of getting the same dysfunctional results, so I decided to end the fight to have the company I purchased the bag from resolving the issue, and I ended the call.

I realized I would be on my own on this one, and I wasn’t about to look for another tote bag online only to go through the same problem with a defect. I decided to begin searching for a tote bag at the local area stores. This was a very time-consuming task, but it was just as fun as it was searching online. In fact, it was even more fun because I was able to see and feel the current bag I would be purchasing before I purchased it. Each store I went to provide different options with different functionality, and all of the bags were nice, but I was determined to find a tote bag that was large enough to carry everything I needed it to carry while providing the waterproof capability that I required in a bag.

I must have been to 5 or 6 different stores and got close to purchasing a dozen different bags, but none had all of the features that I needed in a single bag. It wasn’t until I stopped in at my final store for the day that I found the bag for me. This tote was everything I wanted and needed in a tote and more. It was big, I mean huge and it had pockets throughout the inside and outside of the bag. It had the perfect designs on the outside of the bag, and it was a brand that I know is extremely reliable and durable. The most important thing of all is that it was water resistant.Tote Bag Shopping Tips

I knew that this was the tote for me, and I decided to make the purchase. I also verified the return policy for the store in case of defect. While it did take a little longer to find and buy this tote than it did for me to search for and purchase the tote online, it was worth every extra minute. It was great being able to see the actual bag I would be purchasing and to be able to hold it in my hand. It was even better to know that if something ended up being wrong with the bag, I had a real person I could talk to about the problem.

Purchasing a tote bag can be a great experience if you do it the right way. For some, online purchasing is the preferred method and they don’t mind taking the chance of defect and nonresolution. For others (myself included) it is much easier to walk into a physical store and see the actual bag I will be purchasing. Examining a tote is just much easier when done in person. My recommendation is to do what makes you happy but keep in mind that when buying a tote from a physical location, resolving problems is a pain-free task that can be done as quickly, if not quicker, then when done online.