All About Tweed Material

All About Tweed Material


Tweed material isn’t just a traditional fabric used for real fall and winter fashions anymore. There are lots of elegant ways you can include tweed material in your wardrobe to make you winter-ready for anything from a day at the office to a social event.

Here are some tweed material tips you can start incorporating into your wardrobe right away.


A tweed blazer can be extremely sophisticated, and there are plenty of things you can do to make the fashion piece especially eye-catching. First, make sure the piece is well fitted.

Chanel tweed material blazer
Chanel tweed blazer

The sleeves should reach your wrists (unless the sleeves are quarter-length) and the center of the blazer should define your midsection. The right fit is a must since the material is hefty and you don’t want your clothing to appear bulky.

It’s also a good idea to choose a piece that has charming accents like elbow pads or velvet trim on the collar and sleeves. You can wear this fashion staple with a pencil-length skirt or a pair of tailored pants for work, and accent it with a jewel-toned blouse or camisole that makes the outfit look brighter and bring more attention to your face.

For a more casual look, pair the piece with a pair of dark-wash jeans and a boots or booties in a neutral hue like black or brown. Finish the look with a brooch or scarf for added texture.

Tweed material Skirt

This piece can easily look matronly, so pair it with a pair of stiletto heels and a loose silk top so you’ll appear appropriately stylish if you’re wearing this look to the office.

Lafayette 148 New York Modern Slim Skirt - Cachet Tweed
Lafayette 148 New York Modern Slim Skirt – Cachet Tweed

If you choose to wear the skirt to a holiday party or a setting that is less conservative than the workplace, add a few strings of pearls to your outfit, or put on a red lip for the “edgy librarian” look.

Tweed Material Headband

A headband made from tweed material can immediately update your look. You can wear your hair up in a messy bun and use the fashion accessory to pull your bangs loosely back.

This sets the stage for you to showcase a smoky eye or a dark red lip.

Forever 21 Iconic Tweed Headband
Forever 21 Iconic Tweed Material Headband

Or, the band can accent loose ringlet curls. To keep from wearing too much of the same tweed material, try this hair accessory with a little black dress to make your look more interesting, or wear it with a pair of jeans and a chunky sweater.


The right tweed material handbag can make or break your outfit. Choose a fall or winter bag in an intense, vibrant color like burgundy or navy so the material accents will stand out.

You can even make the bag the highlight of your outfit if you’re wearing a black or gray pants suit or jumper.

Paparazzi PAPÀ RAZZI Medium fabric bag
Paparazzi PAPÀ RAZZI Medium fabric bag

Add a few silver or gold necklaces, a cropped leather jacket and wedge heels for an easy-going look that is still very polished.


A tall, black patent leather pump is a wonderful way to finish off a tweed material outfit. The shoes add a sense of refinement and structured style to the outfit, whether your clothing is form-fitting or has a bit of giving to it.

If your look includes light-colored neutrals like beige or pearl, a nude-colored pair of pumps will help bring the look together as well.

Tory Burch Cleo Tweed & Silk Bow Pump
Tory Burch Cleo Tweed & Silk Bow Pump

There are plenty of great places to find the fashion pieces that you want to bring your autumn or winter look together.

Check out the discounts for tweed material clothes at your local department stores, or search online for fashion inspirations that will show you how to wear the tweed material in a way that suits your personal style.