Ultimate guide for skin sunscreen lotion

Ultimate guide for skin sunscreen lotion


When choosing sunscreen is important to know how high is the protective factor that you need, but equally, it is advisable to opt for a product that suits your skin type: dry, oily or sensitive.

One thing is sure: regardless of skin color (white, medium, olive, black) you need to use sunscreen when you go on vacation, and you expose yourself to the sun for a long time. The natural color of the skin  “decide” protection factor: if the skin is lighter, you need a higher SPF.

In general, people with white skin is likely to suffer sunburn more easily because of the lack of pigment in the skin. Women with medium or olive skin color, however, are less liable to sunburn when exposed to the sun and tans beautifully in the sense that your skin tans, and not excessively reddened.

But even in their case there is the risk of burns and other major problems without sufficient protection.

Buy sunscreen by the skin type

After you have found SPF that suits you, look at the list of ingredients that are found in sunscreen cosmetics. According to them, should determine the best product for your skin texture: oily, dry or sensitive. I propose to do “research” in pharmacies, where you will find a broad range of products for different needs. Further, the following are some recommendations that can help you to choose sunscreen according to the skin type.

Skin types and suntan lotion suitable for you

Oily and acne prone skin

If you have oily skin, your first thought should be to look for a moisturizer that does not contain oils beach, do not block pores and rinse thoroughly. Suntan lotion containing no oils are water based or gel if you still go to sea and stay in the sun and often bathe, choose a product based gel that stays longer on the skin unlike the water based.

Whatever the choice, they must be applied more often than lotions cream. That protects the beneficial ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Dry and very dry skin

Dry skin needs a beach lotion rich in emollients that to offer enough hydration, but that and quickly absorb into the skin. Some of these are glycerin, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, titanium dioxide, etc.. Avoid products that contain alcohol because it can dry your skin and can cause even more inflammation.

If you have dry skin, experts’ advice is good to moisturize with a body lotion before applying sunscreen.

Sensitive skin, prone to irritation

If your skin is sensitive, buy a product that contains mineral ingredients: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They are less risky when it comes to skin irritation. Also, take care to be non-comedogenic, which means it does not block pores and hypoallergenic, meaning it does not cause allergies.

Sunscreen should NOT contain fragrance, alcohol, oil paints because they can cause irritation. Dermo-cosmetic products are the best choice in this case.

Top 4 sunscreen lotion mistakes

I know you want to tan quickly, very quickly! Sunburns are not a solution because later you will regret every ounce of cream that you missed.

If you do not protect against severe sun, you risk skin cancer, premature skin aging, staining and loss of elasticity.

So, do not expose yourself to the sun without sunscreen lotion protection!

If you find yourself in what you do one of the following sunscreen lotion mistakes, take action!

You are skimped with applying the sunscreen lotion!

If you do not use sunscreen lotion in the recommended amount, the protection will not be comprehensive. Be sure to use enough sunscreen lotion to cover every area of the body lotion.

Skip the sunscreen lotion applications on cloudy days!

You also give up wearing a seatbelt, just because you have not seen other cars? Did not think so! So that’s what happens with sunscreen lotion. Even if the sun is not powerful on cloudy days, the action of harmful ultraviolet light is not diminished at all. It is a matter of perception and sunscreen lotion should not miss in your beauty ritual.

Top 4 sunscreen lotion mistakes

A daily sunscreen lotion application is enough.

Nothing more false! Even if you feel like a high SPF sunscreen lotion protects you all day, know that a reapplication is necessary after about 90 minutes. Do not neglect especially face, neck and hands!

Consider that makeup is enough.

Because foundation covers your face, you develop a false sense of security. You feel “covered” and neglect to apply the sunscreen lotion. The explanation is similar to that in cloudy days. And another thing! Lips do not contain melanin, so are entirely exposed to sunlight. Do not forget to buy a lip balm with a least SPF 35.

Sunburned Lips Remedies Relieving Pain and Maintaining Smooth Lips

Sunburnt lips are painful and speaking from personal experience, they need a lot of care and attention There are many instances when I leave home in a hurry and forget to apply sunscreen. While the skin of my face has never suffered any lasting damage, the skin of my lips, which is much thinner and sensitive gets sunburned. . There are many medicinal sunburned lips remedies, but taking too many medicines intimidates me. This is why I always trust natural and home remedies when it comes to burned lips.

Since I have had the problem of sunburned lips a lot of times and have tried many things, I have become something of an expert on the best-sunburned lips remedies.

The best advice I can give you is to prevent it from happening because it is painful and mars your appearance. Always carry a lip balm with an SPF content of 65 above and make sure that you apply it on your lips before you leave. Experts advising on sunburned lips remedies believe that SPF 15 plus is enough to protect your lips, but a higher SPF is always prudent since it provides full protection.

However, if you have been careless on some occasions and have a tight schedule, there are bound to be instances when you expose your delicate lips to the harmful sun and get sunburned. The summer season brings with it dry winds and harsh sun that plays havoc with our skin, and this is especially true for the sensitive skin of our lips. Almost everyone licks their lips when they get chapped. This robs them off their natural moisture, and they become cracked. On many instances, they even start bleeding and might burn a bit as well.

After you get sunburned, one of the best-sunburned lips remedies is to stay away from the sun for some time. Your focus should be on trying to repair the damage, and the first step to that is by following this advice. Keep your lips well moisturized using lotions and lip balms. If your lips are in pain and burning, use a soft cloth and wet it with some cold water. Gently pat your lips with the cloth and you will feel better instantly.

Relieving Pain and Maintaining Smooth Lips Through Sunburned Lips Remedies

I have also found some great home sunburned lips remedies that worked on the worst case of burned lips I had on a weekend trip to the beach.

• Cool Milk – Use whole milk and saturate a cotton swab with it. Now, gently dab it on your sunburned lips. I noticed that doing this for around 20 minutes and rinsing it with water made me feel better. Since milk has fatty acids, it soothes the burned skin and gives relief.

• Sugarless Tea – You will find some relief from the pain in your swollen sunburned lips by using refreshing tea on them. You should brew a huge pot and let it cool off for some time. Use a soft cloth or cotton swabs for applying it to your lips. You can even fill some in a spray bottle and use that for easier application. However, the best option I found was to use used teabags as they were easy and the least messy. Press the tea bags onto the skin and you can even use this remedy on other sunburned parts of your body.

• Aloe Vera – Believe me when I say this, Aloe Vera is the magical solution to bringing relief to burned lips. Not only that, but it also aids in the healing of your lips. You can get Aloe Vera leaf and use the gel directly, or you can procure natural Aloe Vera gel from any drugstore.

• Potato Juice – Just take a potato and grate it. Now, put the shredded potato in a blender to get potato puree. You can then drain this puree to get potato juice. Apply the juice on your lips and allow it to dry off. It will feel fresh on your lips and soothe the pain and the burn.

Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. Drink a lot of water and I find that alternating between all the above-sunburned lips remedies is the best. They work together and ease the pain slowly. It is a long process and will take time, so you must be patient.

The most advanced formula that prevents sunburn and dehydration

There are a few brands that return again and again when I buy sunscreen creams and Biotherm is one of them. The reason is simple: they have some of the most advanced formulas that prevent sunburn and dehydration.

A wide range of textures, from SPF from 6 to 50, give excellent protection in two stages: at the cellular level with a powerful new ingredient aquatic, namely Astaxanthin (an anti – oxidant 100 times more efficient than vitamin E) and locally using an innovative and patented Biotherm filter. This new technology optimizes the amount of filters needed to offer a range of safety and a beautiful skin at the same time. The new textures are efficient, pleasant, non-greasy, non-sticky and leave no marks or residue on the skin. All products are impregnated with a refreshing citrus scent.The most advanced formula that prevents sunburn and dehydration

Biotherm Sun Care Range 2013:

Sun protection for the face, neck and body Sun Vivo.

Biotherm created Sun Vivo, the first sunscreen DNA-Genes that due to spontaneous absorption and filter system used helps keep DNA properties. The formula combines pure thermal plankton, with the effective Reverserol SV extract to combat skin aging caused by sunlight.

Spray for Body SPF 30 and UVA & UVB protection.

Distributes quick and easy non-oily protective layer with a refreshing scent. It can be sprayed from any place and has a waterproof formula.

Nutritional Oil SPF 6.

Leaves skin silky, absorbs quickly, offering little protection, being recommended for people with olive skin that is not easily affected by the sun. It is resistant to water and applied by spraying.

Lait Solaire SPF 6, 15, 30 and protection against UVA as well as UVB.

It is a warm milk with lemon flavor and a waterproof formula. Inspired by the legendary Lait Corporel, Biotherm creates a protective product that is worth trying! Suave original flavor and texture create a sensory memory that always crave after this body milk. The lotion has become one of the cult Biotherm products (every twenty seconds, anywhere in the world, a woman gives up the wish to have this body milk). Now Lait Solaire in three protection (6, 15 or 30) gives pleasure and safety to the skin against harmful rays with a pleasant citrus flavor and so fresh texture.