Look Younger and Beautiful Than Your Actual Age

Look Younger and Beautiful Than Your Actual Age


Age Beautifully with Water

Remember the famous Harry Potter series that made the Elixir of powerful life potion. The one potion that can make you stays younger forever. You may age but, you are beautiful. This elixir of life has been a part of the mythical world for some time. You would read of the fountain of life which allows people to have a bright and beautiful skin and age beautifully.

Ever thought, what is this elixir or fountain of life that allows you to enhance your beauty? Well, you would be surprised that this elixir is nothing but water. Yes, giving it the name of an elixir makes you want to have it more. But, science says that nothing allows you to stay beautiful even after you have aged more than water does.

Look Younger and Beautiful Than Your Actual Age

There may be many around you who would have said that you should have so many tons of water to make sure your health is perfect. Yes, you surely do not wish to hear of this advice but, then it is indeed a good one. Whenever you feel thirsty, you should have water.

Essential Facts of Water

Water is the second most important thing after oxygen. A large part of the body parts consist of water. When you urinate or sweat, you lose a lot of water. To rejuvenate the systems with water, you need to drink lots of water. The body survives due to water. Once the water from the body is removed, it would be difficult to prevent the body from damaging.

Enhance Your Beauty

Water increases the beauty of your face from within. You give your skin the needed moisture by drinking enough amount of water. Around 20% of the skin’s environment is made up of water. If you do not have enough water, you may dry the skin off causing wrinkles and other issues. The hydrated skin offers an excellent look at your face.

Way to Lose Weight

With water, you can burn out that extra weight that your body is so keen on storing. You could lose your weight faster with a heavy intake of water. It is an appetite suppressant and, so you won’t feel hungry when you have loads of water. A glass of cold water when you are hungry boosts up your metabolism and affect your weight by decreasing it. You would surely lose out those few inches that are necessary.

The Daily Intake

Ideally you should have about 6 litres of water every day for good health and being. If you have anywhere between 5-6 litres, you are inviting good health to your door. If you feel thirsty, you could include juices and other beverages to your diet. You should ideally stay away from aerated drinks. They are not good for your health.

The Effort is Conscious

How would you increase the dosage of water in your body? The effort is entirely aware. You should make constant efforts to remember that you have to drink water to get a healthy and beautiful skin as well as real life. You should consume this elixir at regular intervals.

Remember, most diseases occur due to lack of water. Ensure that you consume enough water that allows you to stay healthy and beautiful forever. Avoid stress in your daily life. To calm your nerves take a warm aromatic bath, have your partner give you a soothing massage, have some soft music playing in the background. But if your nausea persists for more than 24 hours, then immediately contact a physician and make sure to avoid dehydration.