Look Younger With Laser Resurfacing

Look Younger With Laser Resurfacing


As we grow older, it becomes imperative to have solutions on hand to turn back the hands of time. A new skin resurfacing technique is one of the ways that aging can be reversed, and wrinkles can be smoothed out without harmful side effects. There is also little downtime with this new and innovative technique. If you want to learn more about fractional SmartXide CO2, here are some facts that might help you understand the process and benefits better:

How Laser Resurfacing Works
The laser resurfacing laser beam is separated into narrow microbeams. These microbeams or beamlets focus on small areas of skin between the beams. Beamlets of energy light are used in laser resurfacing to bore tiny holes into the skin. The fractional micro-beams or micro-treatment zones are used to rejuvenate skin and collagen production.

This process accelerates collagen production naturally and is so gentle that there is no damage to the surface of the skin, and there is minimal recovery time. Patients with darker complexions may experience some pigmentation loss. Most patients only experience slight redness and swelling for two days after the procedure.

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Keep in mind that the SmartXide procedure will only penetrate the upper layer of the dermis. This layer has most of the collagen. The method targets the water in the tissues to work on smoothing the skin and reducing the signs of aging. The best part about the technique is that is it can be used in nearly every area of the body. The treatment will remove scars, loose skin, and stretch marks. The smartxide technique is beneficial to many people.

Predecessor to Laser Resurfacing
Carbon dioxide CO2 laser was fractional SmartXide CO2 predecessor and was the preferred tool for more than a decade. With this procedure, patients needed intravenous or general anesthesia even though no incisions were made. Instead of three to four days for recovery, the recovery period lasted three weeks, and the redness lasted for three months. The procedure made the skin prone to infection and sometimes, led to scarring. This is why fractional laser resurfacing was introduced because it shortened recovery time and had fewer complications.

The Cost of Fractional SmartXide CO2
The procedure will cost about $5,000 to complete and can be completed in one to two sessions. Most people are pleased with the fact that they only need about four days total of downtime to complete the process. The effects of the treatment should last about eight to 10 years.

Benefits of Fractional SmartXide CO2
You can reverse the appearance of sun-damaged skin with this incredible technique. The texture and firmness of the skin will improve and so will the wrinkles and lines. If clients want to reduce the appearance of acne and scars, fractional SmartXide will renew the skin in a small amount of time. This is an exceptional technique that you will appreciate for at least another decade until something more efficient is introduced. Contact a physician to decide if you are a good candidate for the procedure.