How to look younger with makeup

How to look younger with makeup


Almost all women wears makeup – either to hide defects or to embellish – but some do not know how to do it and instead using products in their favor, reach look much older than they are.

Before choosing the colors you want to use you should consider how you will, to view the result. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

Choose liquid concealer

Ironically, as you get older you have more things to hide. Unfortunately there are concealer that attract attention to fine lines, making it look deeper.

You want a product to hide purple circles around the eyes without being obvious that you used something? Opt for a liquid concealer that penetrates the skin as needed and not remain in its folds.

Buy a foundation with yellow tint

This will make the skin look brighter, cleaner and smoother.

Use a sponge

You have a few imperfections that you want to cover with a light layer of makeup. Use a slightly damp sponge, which apply a little liquid foundation. After application, if it seems that the product is not spread evenly, use your fingers, because body heat will soften makeup and make it into the leather.

Skip the powder

If you cover your face with a thick layer of powder, it is possible to transform yourself into a granny. If you are familiar with this product and you can not give it up, get at least a translucent powder with particles that reflect light, and apply it to natural light, to know clearly how you look when you go out.

Do not forget about hydration

Nothing ages you more than a matte lipstick, dark. Apply lipstick lips as creams, gels, that will moisturize and will give a fresh youthful look.

Highlight bone structure

It is enough to smile in the mirror and you will know where it is best to apply blush so to emphasize cheekbones and give the appearance of a face lift.

Clip where absolutely necessary.

As you age, your face becomes increasingly asymmetric, and the biggest mistake is to try to correct extremely clipping eyebrows. If you want to do this, ask a specialist or rather use a brow pencil which outline them better.

Opt for brown eyeliner

You are using a black eye pencil since high school and you can not conceive that it may also have different colors. Dark brown has the same impact as black, but not harden your features as much. After you apply, you can use a cotton swab to make the line less clear, giving it a more natural look.

Choose a lengthening mascara

Genes become thinner as you get older, so everyone would be tempted to use mascara for volume. This is wrong, but because it is most likely that the wires can not bear too much extra weight, so the final result is a tangled, alleyways.